Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vietnamese Me

Hey guess what? I came back from Vietnam and start to miss Vietnam already. If you never been there for holiday, you should try to visit there for at least once. YOLO get it? Well, if you are there for about a week you are going to start to feel ther you are Vietnam-sick you know? It kinda has a way to make you miss Vietnam. The food, the way they drive, the way things works, the way they speak and lots more that you should try.

I went for boat crusing which was my first time. AHHH!!! For those who been to boat crusing or sleeping on boat you know what I mean. Or maybe just a little. For those who never been on boat cruising. The best place to go is in Halong Bay. It is really great view that you can't buy with money. Not going to be a spoiler but the place is really amaizing and worth going. So glad that I went there for holidays. OMG. Starting to miss Vietnam already again.... T_T

Anyways, the way they operate in Vietnam is totally awesome. If you are there you might want to take loads, I mean LOADS of pictures of how they operate. There are most of the things that you won't see in your daily life. Certainly not by the streets!! They do pratically almost everything by the streets. Awesome eh? Now, now. I don't mean everything by everything... I mean things that you only do in your own home. They can do it BY THE STREETS!! Seriously. They don't really mind whoever is looking. Their life is just so simple.

They eat by the streets, rest on the streets, sleep on the streets on trishaws, trim their hair by the streets, cut hair by the streets, do their hair by the streets. Not only that. The most surprising thing is that they can do nail painting by the streets! Isn't that amaizing?? Their life is that simple. They even live by the streets... I know you see it in Europe or somewhere by the East side, but they not only live by the streets, they also live on top of their own shops.

Their hotels are really good, service is the best of all th hotels I have been to. Well, it is on my own opinion though. It doesn't have to be a 5 start hotel but it is already for such a country. The best thing ever is that they even have a laptop with free wifi in your room!! Cool eh? If you are European or someone who uses dollars for their currency in their country, you can spend a lot in Vietnam. It is very cheap for you guys. And I can assure you that is is going to be a very interesting, amaizing, historical, memorable trip. 100% sure!