Sunday, 26 June 2011

Asian Day

Hey guys, I had the most deliciuos, irrisistable, tastiest and juciest chicken chop in the whole world. Because my mother is the one who made it haha. Well, of course because it is the one and only chicken chop though haha. Anyways, I watched animated movies with my mother and brother.

It sound funny watching kids movie but it is more funnier when you are watching comedies with your families. Really should enjoy more time together with your families. Anything you do with your family that makes you happy is a moment meant for remembering...

Having a blast in the kitchen.. at night.

"Into the KITCHEN!!!" I shouted. "It's time to make our own  food." Tonight, my mother and I are having fun in the kitchen. We made homemade simple yet easy hamburgers and cupcakes. And I am going to share with you some of our recipes.

For the hamburger, we used minced pork(if you wish you can always use other meat), an egg, hot sauce, and some sauces. Then we baked the meat in the oven(which you can always choose to grill them but we used oven instead because it is much more easier) Followed by the bun. Lastly with a light touch of mayonnaise and pieces of veggies we enjoyed our hamburger. Boy it taste so yummy and the meat was so juicy that our mouth started to water even when it is still in the oven...

For the cupcakes, we it really simple. We use sugar, butter, eggs, self-rising flour and lots more secret recipes. Ha ha.. It is our first time making our own homemade cupcakes. My mother keep on mentioning about it being very easy and all. I guess she is trying to stay positive. Oh, well. It is our first time after all. So... I guess it will be better if we stay positive on the first time whenever we do something.

After having the cupcakes fresh out of the oven we have to let it cool down before we can start decorating or eating them.. Mm... smells nice... My brother thinks that we are are making cakes which turns out to be small cupcakes that overflow the cupcake holders. Well even though it is getting really late but we are still up making cupcakes.

The icing part is the hardest. It takes up most of the time. Actually if you think that cupcakes without icing is better then it might be fine if you were to just eat it up like the way it is originally. But since we already started with making it I think we should just get on with it.

In the end, the frosting takes lots of time because my mother didn't put butter into it. Can't blame her for that. The ingredients we used are too sweet.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Working in a office isnt such a fun place,
It is like a cell with computers and mountains of work.
Like slaves they were tied to their seats
In a cold place you just work and work.

In the office fingers taps
Mouse scrolls on the table.
No laughter can be heard
No smiles are on the face.

People in the office are like prisoners
Serious faces nothing more
Even if they can show expression
The first one is tiredness on their faces

Some office are rather different
Unlike all those dull faced offices
Though fingers do keep tapping
Conversations can be heard in a while.

Workers here brighten your day.
They will smile everyday.
They also have vacations instead of sticking to work.
No matter how much they work they still try to smile.


Most workaholics got sick and all.
Because they don't knwo how to take care of themselves at all.
In their dictionary there is only one word which is work,
That's why they can't live withour work.

It is hard to see workaholics smile,
Not even a second what more to say a while.
It is like finding The promised land on Earth,
It takes them forever to finish their work.

Why is it so hard to just smile?
Just lift your muscles and it takes a while.
Isn't it so easy and simple?
At least a grin it's still considered a smile.

Why so serious all day long?
What are you so frustrated all along?
Why not just smile for a while?
It is not like walking a thousand mile.

Workaholics never get tired of work,
They could glue their eyes ton their computer 24/7.
Only their fingers tire and mouth filled with thirst.
Other than that, they can sit and work

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Life is never fair, let's face it.

"She did it," he cried as he pointed his long finger at me. "She's the one who left the key on the door."
*sigh* I wondered, why am i always the one to be blame whenever something goes wrong? Why am i always the one who did something wrong not others? WHY?! I don't get it. Everytime something goes wrong or something is missing or so-whatever, it is always have to be me. Why is life never fair with me? What have i done wrong to them? I didnt do amything wrong. I wasn't even the last one and yet i am to be blame. Gosh! I am just like 'the-person-to-be-blame-everytime' kind of family member. I guess my life is never intended to be fair though...

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Love is a sacrifice,
You would rather suffer than your loved ones,
Do we meant what we say?
Or we do it everyday?

Love is blind,
Like a mother loved the unborn,
Even she were to carry us in the womb,
For 10 months she beared the pain.

Love is untouchable,
It is only to be felt,
What does real love felt like?
Or even unconditional love.

Love is like a hunger,
Needed everyday around us,
Recieved in many ways,
But different people gets different love.

Love is like an energy,
An empowerment that uplifts you,
An encouragement or support,
A feeling that gives what you are lack.

Love can be pain,
To those who are unaware,
Those who are addticted to pain
Because they thought that is love.

To the world

Without friends is like world without sun,
Without family is like living in a place cold and dark,
Don't isolate too much from people,
For you might lose someone in your life.

Have love and there is no fear,
Because all the courage is here,
Find the passion deep within,
And do everything is possible.

Share something through your heart,
As it comes from you,
Don't share from the mind,
For thoughts always stops you.

Thought is always a thought,
It is never a fact,
It is an illusion that clouds us,
Which makes us lose our clarification.

Plan ahead for your future,
Plant the seed today,
The next second is already the future,
So be careful of what you plan.

Everyday life

Life is like a book,
When you finished one chapter you go to the next,
Even if we faced emotional things in the chapter,
We still have to move on until we finished the book.

Be with friends when they need shoulders to rely on,
Be there for your family when they need your love and care,
Appretiate the time you have with people around you,
Because we are given only one life.

Everyone came to this world with a reason,
So find yours and help them find theirs,
When their time is up they have to go,
Cheerish your moments with them.

Don't try to be someone else,
Because we are made to be who we are,
If you do try to be someone else,
You will realise you aren't living for you.

Don't remember the negatives around you,
Remember the feedbacks given to you,
Be aware of what we choose to listen,
It will effect who we are because of beliefs.

Just updates..

Hey guys, just to let you all know that I am posting my poems here so in case you all don't know I also manage another blog which is Poetic Me. I posted another poem there and i will continue on posting my poems here. You can check out my poem there. The rest of my poems will be posted here. I hope you guys don't mind about it!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Have we ever wonder how deep is our communication to another? Is it shallow, deep or somewhere in between? Or there is lots of misunderstanding going on between. I guess most of us are not even sure about where our communication and that person is.

Sometimes there are lots of misunderstandings that can't be understood at all. Maybe it is just something that you can't share with that person? Something that you felt like it is not safe to tell that person? Or it is just that you don't think that person is trustworthy?

 To be honest with you all, I always have misunderstandings with some of my family members. It is alright to have misunderstandings but as long as you know that it means you don't have a deep connection with our family members.

I wouldn't say that having misunderstandings is a good thing. Sometimes you just have to invest more time on that particulary person to let them know more about you so misunderstandings won't happen.


Hello, everyone. I am Mabel who is the owner of this blog. I am a 15 years old girl. I am a simple girl who just loves to read, write, draw, and make poems. Which I will show to you in the future posts. I am a new user of this blog so I might not know much of blogging. I find it quite intresting since I like to write so I guess it is time to share whatever I can and know to the world.

The intention of me starting this blog is to share what I know to the world and also at the same time reach out and help those who needs help. So feel free to write any comments or anything you would need help on. Just to let you know more about me, I am a straight forward girl.

Allow me to share more about me... I am a simple girl, from a big and beautiful family. I have people around me who loves and cares for me because I am a loveable person. I love being around with people, listening to them and hearing what they want to share. You never know that you can also learn from some of their sharings.

Sooner or later you might think that I am not just a 15 year old girl because I am a dependable, independent and intelligent person. The people who I like to be around with are adults. I know for some reasons it might sound weird but this is who I am. That is also why I put the my blog name "This is Me". Because here is where everyone can be their authentic-self. Here is where everyone can be free and not to worry about being judged. Life is too short for us to worry so much.

I guess that is the end and if you would be so kind please leave a comment behind. Thank you very much for investing your time on reading this post.!