Thursday, 30 May 2013

I am going away~~~

Hi, everyone. Do you guys miss me? I am sure you do because I miss you guys too. How have you guys been doing for the past two weeks that I was gone? Well, to let you know what I have been doing... I was having my exam so I'm sorry for not being on for so long to keep you guus updated.

I'm at vacation now but I'm doing my best to let you guys know about the recent things... Now I've got blogger on my phone, I can update you guys anytime, anywhere.

In fact, I won't need to use my laptop anymore!! Haha! Such a good thing eh? Only if I can have Microsoft Office on my phone as well then I can really work you know? That'll be so awesome! Then I won't need to use my laptop anymore. Have I told you it broke down? Well it did somehow...

But oh well... There's always going to be ups and downs in life huh? I guess I am just heading downwards but I'm coming back up again!!  :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

If it is right, things will be right.

"If things are right, it will always go your way. If things is supposed to be going that way, it will come eventually." -Mabel

Today I just recieved a call from the traffold publishing singapore. The people there actually know my name!! Haha!! I don't remember reviewing the traffold publishing in singapore nor have I've even contacted them. I only remember that I was applying to several publishing companies... Lol, well I guess it is meant to be that I should publish my book because thet already asked me to publish my book through their company.

Ah, the feeling of publishing my book is such a joy because I get to have my name on a book that is written and belong to me! In fact, I even get to sell it!!

So, if any of you are excited as I am about my book... Hehehe.... Don't worry, I'll let you guys know when I will be publishing it. :)
So just have patience and I'll let you guys know when it is released!

The way home

The way back home
is a long bumpy road
The road is rocky
without a vehicle
I have to walk

Along the road
I drown myself
into my music
that I love so much
to forget the pain and fear

Growling, my stomach angers
Cursing me for not filling it up
The tall side walk grass
flows with the wind
which is the opposite way home

My hair goes wild
making me look like
a mad witch whom has
lost her broom while my feet
keeps yelling out in pain

Though there is wind
yet I still sweat
under the hot blazing sun
I grumbled with my stomach
Wishing to be home soon

But soon is when?
And when is soon?
When can I be safe
from all these bizarre things
causing my head throbbing now and then?

Friday, 3 May 2013

Unleash me

By the casement I watch,
The park and
Out to the fields
Where everyone roams
Where flowers blooms.

BY the park young
and old walked about
Intermeddling and having fun
Enjoying the warm sun
Smiling down to mother earth.

By the firelds the heifers
grazes upon the greens
MOrning dews formed and
Drank by them humming birds
that fed upon the flowers

Yet, here I am
in this lonely house
Awaiting in silence
For someone to solace
Or to be sloaced by

Though I know
that all these
were a delusion playing
Repeating in my mind
Giving me false hope

BUt I will keep waiting
Because I know
that soon
someone will come
for me. And take me home.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hey, hey hey!

Hey, guys. It is and was labour day. So happy labour day to you all out there.

This is the day when the workers or the people get to rest and enjoy their day off for their hard work and doings for us. Let's give them workers a big round of applause for their hard work. They had done lots of things for us and so we have to have a day for them too right?

they are also supposed to be appreciated as well. In fact, though I am not a worker yet on my own but I do know that every one of them had done a big influence in our lives. Without them, we could be having troubles with our lives now.. Why? Because they are the best ever! They made things for us so our lives are simplified. Thanks to them now we can have more simpler and easier lifes.

Thank you workers. Happy labour day!!!