Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lessons As Promised

Hey guys, just so you know, as I promised I posted lessons on the side which is under the label Lessons. Feel free to look over for some lessons!

I know I just posted one. But I am working on my schedule to get other lessons up and ready for you guys to read as well! So please give me some time and don't lose hope on me. I will post as soon as I got the time. But it also takes the kind of inspiration to write the lessons and elaborate them so that you and I understand it in a deeper level other than just knowing what the lessons are.

So Cheerios, I will post when I can. Which might be after my May exam. So yeah, Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

Kindest Regards,
Mabel Ngu

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sorry not sorry.

I am not sorry for not having the perfect figure.
I am not sorry for not being smart enough.
I am not sorry for not being vulnerable and not strong enough at situations.

I am not sorry that I cry at times when I don't know what to do.
I am not sorry that I don't know what I am doing sometimes.
I am not sorry that I have hard times remembering things.

I am sorry for you because you are missing out the best part of me.
I am sorry for you because you don't even know who I am.
I am sorry for you because you can't be you.

I am sorry that you can't understand my jokes.
I am sorry that you never stopped down your tracks and enjoy life as it is.
I am sorry that you have hard time knowing what I am talking about.

At least, I get to be my authentic self in my everyday life.
At least, I get to be with myself once in a while.
At least, I get to be the one remembering the memories I created.

At least, I know that most of the time I don't regret my choices.
At least, I don't look back at my past and curse at it.
At least, I realize that life is a beautiful thing instead of trying to end it.

At least, I have known how to live my life.
At least, I have days before me that I can remember what I have done.
At least, I have made someone laugh each day of my life.

At least, I understand that I have a purpose in life.
At least, I understand that choices are what brings me here.
At least, I understand that by posting this post I am teaching a lesson that only some of which will understand.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Take a rest.

When we are all tired and weary,
When we are all running and meeting deadlines,
When we are all doing things and never stopped to take a breath.

We need to be reminded we are still human.
We have feelings and need to rest for a while.
We require water to replenish our thirst and food for energy.

To all out there that are constantly running in this journey of life.
To all out there that needs a break from this deadline you are facing.
To all out there that have to stop and take a breath.

This journey of life needs time to enjoy.
This scenery is made for us to breathe in and remember.
This moment will be gone if not taken a few minutes to be kept in memories.

A few minute break is not much, but it is enough to replenish the energy that is lost.
A good deep breathe is not much but it is enough for your mind to take a break.
A good sleep with no worries about deadlines and works is not much but enough for the day.

Although your work is important.
Even though you can't stop.
Even if you can't take a day off

At least, rest for a few.
Have time for yourself.
Don't forget, you need rest to have energy for the next day.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

IT's not about... but it's about...

It's not about the figure that you see.
It is not about what you feel about it.
It is not about what you think about me.

It is about what and who I am inside.
It is about the inside rather the outside.
It is about what is contained inside that wonderful person that you see.

It is not the cover you judge.
It is not the thought about that situation.
It is not the peer pressure that makes you choose.

It is about the side of you that choose wisely.
It is about the inner you telling you what to pick.
It is about the kid inside of you that allows you to be authentic.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Studying = Stu-dying

Hey guys, I know I said about this before, or I think I did... But here's something that you guys should know about education and it's importance
Here’s what:
You can dislike studying and hate it so much and get the worst result possible in your school and ask yourself everyday “what is the point of doing this” or you can embrace studying as something interesting and be glad that you have the privilege to study and probably you’ll find studying is much more easier that way. 
We , as in the ones that are privileged to be reading this or having the basic needs covered, are living in a society or in an environment that we are too privileged in a way that we don’t appreciate what we are able to have. 
I am not going to use poor countries like Africa, Vietnam, India, etc as an example here because I know that in most countries, there are also people who are not able to afford for education. 
So here’s what I am going to ask you,
If you dislike education so much, would you rather change your situation with those who are begging for education and to be taught with education?
I am not sure if you know what kind of situation that they have or what kind of things they do on their daily basis if they ever survive another day as I don’t know myself. 
But guess what?
Without education, you probably won’t even know what I am writing or what I am trying to tell you. 
Without education, you probably won’t be able to be sitting in front of your computer or looking at your phone about this post. 
Without education, you probably won’t know what will kill you so you would just take in everything that you have in hand that looks edible to you. 
Without education, you probably won’t realize what is happening around you because you don’t have the access to it. 
Yeah, sure. Your parents will take care of you even if you don’t study or learn skills. 
Sure, your parents will still raise you because they love you. 
Sure sure, I am yabbing and nagging at you about how studying is a good thing for you and things like that. 
BUT there is something I didn't add about the without education. 
Horrifying? Yeah I know. You don’t think it will happen. But you know what? It happened to many people out there. Because they don’t know the right words to say at the right time. And they get themselves into trouble most of the time. 
I am not here to tell you that studying is the way to survive. Neither am I here to tell you that studying will not help you survive either. 
What I am saying here is that studying is one of the stage in life that you have to go through if you are privileged to have it.
If you hate studying, then just stop. You don’t have to continue.
Just stop studying.
Tell your parents you don’t want to study anymore. 
Go into the society. 
Try to get a job.,
Try earning money without complaints.
And don’t come back whining. 
DON’T come back begging for studying. 
Then you will know what I mean. 
I guess that is how people will learn these days. 
Putting them into the society then they will realize. 
But wait.
Not everyone would learn from the lessons they have. 
I am not trying to be harsh to you. 
But I am just telling you. 
Education = one of the way you survive in this kind of world now. 

Friday, 4 April 2014


Although I didn't get the chance to upload on the day it was 4/4/04 because I didn't even know what is a blogger. But then at least I got the chance to get all the 4's aligned at the end of the numbers of the day, month and year.

So how's everyone? Doing fine? I will be glad to hear that. If not, how so? Well you can tell me on kik : Mabelistical or look at my lessons on instagram. Although I don't post lessons everyday... like I should.

But hey, I have an idea. I would just post the lessons here when I have 10 lessons together! Or maybe I should just post one lesson and elaborate or explain about it. How do you guys like that?

Good idea?

Yeah, I will do just that.

See ya in the next post!

Kindest Regards,
Mabel Ngu

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Oh and I was meaning to tell you all that I am going to leave blogger for quite sometime because I need to do some important things. I am not sure how long does it take but I might not be back for years. So... Yeah.

I am really sorry to leave you guys alone. I am sorry I am not going to be here for "quite" some time and not being able to blog anything or share lessons I have learnt.

I still love you all..

I really do.

And I appreciate all your supports in helping me to keep this blog alive. I always come here and post because I remember that many of you are still out there waiting for me to blog some posts and share some of my lessons.

But it seems like time has ended here.

It seems like our time has come to bid goodbyes.

I really don't want to ...

But I have to..




Kindest Regards for the last time,

*smile widening*

*smile gets wider*

*can't help the smile*

*starts chuckling*



APRIL FOOL YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and I did it tonight so that all of you from the west can see this.

Happy April Fool's Day Guys!

Okay.. not funny... moving on...

*goes to the corner and grieve with the spring leaves blowing past by and pollen flying by with the wind, spot light on*

"Eh, who is that?" By passer says.

"No idea." Another says. "Wait, isn't that Mabel?"

"What is she doing there?" the first one says.

"No idea. Let's go." the latter says.