Saturday, 25 February 2012

Don't forget I am here.

If you ever feel like crying, don't forget I am here.
If you ever feel like being hyper, don't forget I am here.
If you ever feel like screaming, don't forget I am here.
If you ever feel like bored, don't forget I am here.

I will be your tissue to wipe your tears away.
I will be your friend and tell you it's ok.
I will bring you high up in the mountains where you can scream all you want.
I will be there for you to talk with and kill your boredom

For you, my friend deserves it all.
For boredom is a word that should never exist.
For hyperness, is adrenaline rushing inside of you.
For anger, kills you faster and I don't want that to happen.

Bicycle (Moving on)

When I'm tired, I shall ride on my bike,
When I feel like it, I will walk with my bike.
For my life never stops living,
And it will always go on and never stop for anyone.

Runaway Girl

Running and hiding doesn't earase the pain,
But only facing it, is the thing I did at last.
Escaping from pain, don't do any good
So I choose to do it while the sky is still blue.
                                                                             -- Runaway Girl

Perfect Rose

 Like a rose I bloom, petal by petal.
Like an onion I break, layer by layer.
But like plants,  I grow from wtihin.
Like a seed, I take time to grow.
So if you think, you know me, you are just covering up the surface.

*this is my first and best perfect rose I made.

Mad hatter

Caption:I may be mad,              But I'm never sad.
              For making hats
              Is what I am good at.

*Sorry about the drawings being very dark, the brightness wasn't good...

Victorian Days

Caption: If I say goodbye, I want another hello.
               If I say hello, I don't want another goodbye.
               May ther be never endings, but eternity


Caption: I may not be pretty, but i am flawless

Flower Buds

Caption: I may not be a flower, but I bloom...


Hey guys... How are all of you out there in the world? Sorry for not keeping posting things on the biog.. I was too busy with things such as piles of homework.. I really apologies towards that.. Sorry... I have been doing arts drawings recently and I hope you guys might like it when you see it. Maybe I will put them on this biog when i did one drawing.. Yeah, I think that will be a good idea. When i finished with one drawing then i will just post it up here and so you guys can come and take a look at it. Maybe even give some grades towards it.. I am improving and looking forwards onto advices to be given from all of you out there.

I am really sorry for not keeping up with you guys. When I came back to look at it seems like the whole page views have shot up until 16 February. Wow, you guys are so loyal in looking into my blog to see the recent updates arent you guys?? Well, as a blog owner i might as well have to keep up with you guys and try to catch up with the postings then. Ha ha... Well, I guess for the next few post is going to be short because it is only drawings and captions on what I have titled for the drawings. Keep up the page views and dont forget to come back to check the new drawings!!!