Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Protein shakes

I know this sounds kinda funny why I would post something like this and it is a shocking thing. But it is because a friend of mine asked me to search and look up for him for some weight gainer powders because he is trying to gain weight for his boxing. However, I went up and look for the products and I thought of something even more cheaper. Something home-made and it is nutritional as well.

Most of the protein shakes that I found out are mostly like ice cubes and some scoops of something that you like. But then I remembered that he wants to know about the side effects as well. However, I find that even more interesting and something worth looking up for. Though it was hard to look up for, but then I managed to find some common ones.

It is said that if you use the protein shakes too excessively, you would have the chances of having liver or kidney problems because they cannot handle the excessive proteins. As we all should know that protein are used or burnt in our body as energy and used to increase the muscle strength. How? It breaks down to amino acid and goes through the liver before dissolved into the blood system through the liver.

What is more interesting is that when you use too much of protein shakes, you may get kidney stones. You will also lose the ability to digest fats and carbs properly because you rbody is already relying on the protein shakes that you are taking. You would also get dehydrated but that can be avoided if you drink lots of water. And you will also have to prepare for hair loss. AND most of all.... you may get ketosis, which is excessive stress on kindey and liver. Which then leads to ketones. It is the break downs of fats which are your proteins but unused for a long time already.

So my friends who are out there and drinking protein shakes... That is about some of the things that I understand from my research of protein shakes. If you want to find out more baout protein shakes please do go ahead. But use them when necessary but I don't really think you need it if you have a perfect and healthy diet. Signing off tonight. See ya when I have time. :D

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Real Me

My teacher in school asks us to write a speech about ourselves and then we have to give it on Monday. I took it as an opportunity to write out who I really am. I find out that I have lots to write but somehow I just don't feel like writing it down. Because that is not how I would be like in school.

I can literally see the faces of my friends in class if I write in a way that they never seen the side of me. Though one of it is about personality. That one took me a while to write it out. Why? Because I have different personalities at different places and when I am with different people.

Like when I am with my friends outside, I am very witty, cheesy, loveable and always be able to make people laugh. That would be very shocking to my friends in school because I never acted like that in school. However, that is how I am with my friends outside of school. Why? Because they accept me as who I am. They don't mind me being like someone else. I am completely different because that is who I am and how I show up to my dearest friends.

When I am in school, I am a very serious person. That is why they never get to see that humorous side of me. The side that can melt peoples heart and earn their love easily. I manipulate people and sometimes get confused with the person I am sometimes. Why? Because I play roles and sometimes I get emotional because the emotions just flows like that. That just happens to me. I just can't help it.

When I am at home, that is a different story. I am really different. If you have seen the serious side of me then probably you wont't find any difference. But if you have seen the heart-warming and kind side of me, you would be shocked like really a big wake up shot in the head.

You see, a person can be different in different places. One person may not treat everyone the same because they can be like me. They can change when it comes to a person. Even if it is right in front of you, you can be like "oh she/he is here. Have to watch out" or something like that. I think some of us can relate to that. That is why, like what I like to say, I may be an innocent looking girl who knows nothing but actually I am a girl with a broken halo.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Miracle... Once in a while

A man in his 50's or so has heart problem. He was having tea and a great conversation with his friends late at night. Suddenly his heart beats rapidly. He hits his heart with his fist. Like when you have cardiac arrest you need to pump your heart to keep it awake or something. But it didn't work. He start to get something to rub around his chest. Didn't work at all but spiked up the heart beat instead.

The friends quickly sent him to the Regional Specialist. He met up with the doctor. They couldn't take his blood pressure because it was too high. It was about 180 and above. The doctor says to massage the pressure point on the neck so that it can be reseted. Yet again, it didn't work. This time the doctor asks him to squat down. After a few other tries of something else, his heart beat finally comes back to normal.

However, the interesting part is that in between, that man did not feel any pain at all! He just feels the same as he does. It kind of sounds like he is so numb that he doesn't feel any pain in your chest when you are having an heart attack!

Do you want to know who it is? It is my mom's old friend and formal colleague. It is an incredible thing that he is still alive until today. He was given a second chance. And it was a miracle.

This really taught me that life is very precious. You can go anytime and when you do you don't feel any pain. Which is a good thing. You feel painless when you are about to leave. Wow... There is really no time to say goodbye to anyone because you don't know when you are leaving or when you are still alive for the next day. So cherish everyday like it is your last everyone because you don't know when you are going to go.

Love life my beloved friends out there, for you only have one life and one life is all you have. Lose it and you'll never have another chance to live again.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

We don't have forever

"Life's too short for forever so we have to cherish what we have now." -Mabel

Life is too short for us to reunite we don't have forever to start with so we all have to cherish what we have now. For now, is what we have. We can't control our future, neither can we change what is going to happen. We are not God and we don't get to choose what it is going to be like tomorrow. So everyone we have to take now and treat it to the fullest. You never know when things will just end right in front of you.

I finally got the chance to meet my friends who I might be seeing for the last time before I leave here. We didn't cry neither did we mourn. We just treat it like any other days. The same old days we have when we were together. It was fun. It was short. But we got what we wanted. It is to meet and have great times and memories together.

Though we may be apart for a long time but we promised to stay in touch with Skype, Facebook and Twitter. The three of us are like real friends. The kind that you never leave another behind. The kind that you rarely find outside this world.

Yes, we did fight and came to a point to break the friendship but we survived that wave. We grew. We changed. We matured. We all become beautiful ladies. Everything around us changed but the bondage between us never change. Even if it did, it would be more stronger than ever. Nothing can break us apart because we all accept who we are. That is what friendship is about. Finding someone who can accept who you are and still be able to be by your side no matter what.

Come whatever it is that is ahead of us. Even if it is million miles apart, we are still one. The Three Mouseketeers. That is what I would like to call us. Because our Chinese animal is rats. So we are the Three Mouseketeers. Nothing can change that nor beat it. This is us. This is who we are. This is the "Nie's" Coincidentally the three of us have a "nie" in our names. Winnie, Jeannie and Mabel Ngu Sze NIe. :D That's why we are the "Nie's" and The Three Mousketeers.

Friday, 15 February 2013

If you go to Thailand...

If you go to an intersting place that I would like to call Thailand, I'm telling you that place is like very beautiful. But just be careful of where you put your things.. Lol... You want to know why I know? It is because I just went there recently. And I am back now. That place is like so awesome~~~...

IF you are looking for beaches and sand. You are looking at Pattaya. It is filled with the beaches and the sand. The things there are very much fun and great. they have an isalnd tour, ski-ing. Sun-tanning but don't get sun burnt.

IF you are looking for shopping and feel like shop till you drop, then you are looking at a place called MBK, Central World, Siam Plaza or something like that. They are all very close together like in walking distance. They are the place where you can get branded products at the reasonable prices and very cheap. Of course depending on where you are from.

IF you are looking for flowers and all that romancey things like looking for types of flowers to buy... HEheHEhe... There is a place called the flower market, where you can get bouquests of roses at a very very very and I do mean VERY cheap prices. They sell roses and flowers at a very low price and they even have a whole factory of flowers to sell!! Which is like huge!!!! You should have a look yourself.

IF you are looking for restaurants and places to eat... Err... They may be elegant but I would personally prefer the places by the streets better. They have more local taste in them.

IF you are looking for places to stay... Grand China Hotel would be a good place to stay and rest, but most taxis or public transports are scared to go there because it is like very busy street. It is between the China street and the Indian street if I am not wrong about my location because it isn't so good.. hehe.. :P

IF you are looking for barganings and cheap things... Hehe. the best place to go is WALK THE STREET MARKETS!! They have lots of things that they sell at certain prices you can't afford but then they will do by all means to get to the price that you can pay them with.

IF you are looking for suggestions from me, cause I am just too good in suggesting you places as eveidence from above, haha jks. You should visit their temples, and have a river trip across the river. That is the best I can tell you about Thailand. And don't forget to bring along your medication for stomach pains cause you might need them when you eat things that you don't usually eat.

And you have to try their local food. They are unbelievablely tasty and don't forget to watch the TIffany show at Pattaya. It is very faulouso!!! And it is really like very funny and beautiful men. They are men dressing like women. And I do mean like they look so much like women that you don't realize that they are men.

Oops... The cat is out of the bag... The curiosity is out again.. Oh crap, I wonder how it would end up like. Wouldn't you like to know either? Hmm... I hope you will enjoy your time there if you are going!!! AND if you do, send me a postcard will ya? ;)

Love Day

Today as it always is a Love Day to the couples. So to all couples out there, Happy Valentines Day!! To all my friends out there, who I can seem to come in contact with, you all have my best wishes on Valentine's and asked to be my Valentine today. Haha. I know that the clock is going to stike 12 soon from where I am but I am sure that half of the world out there are still celebrating V-Day. So Happy Valentine's Day to you guys across the world.

Probably in France or Paris, Love is in the air. And for places at war, may you have one day of rest for the love to pass by.. Well, for places in peace like where I am from.. hehe Stay peaceful as always will ya? Love you guys out there! As always and will always keep you guys in my heart because to me, you all are like my family and friends. And as a Scorpio, Family and Friends always comes first. So no matter where you are, who you are, what you are. I will always be here if you need me.

For those out there who thinks that they are celebrating Valentine's Day alone... Well, change of plan.
I am here, and you've just met me. You've got my number, so call me maybe?
 Haha. I know you don't have my number but reading my posts are just the same as well. 

Friday, 8 February 2013


I have no idea why but my English teacher just wants us to write something about betrayal. I totally forgot the reason why we have to write this again.

How could you?!
Leave me behind
In this place
We called home

How could you?!
LEave everything to me
Not letting me know
What's actually going on

How could you?!
Left me on cold feet
In this dark room and
This empty house alone, scared.

Why don't you
Just kill me
Now with that
Knife of yours

Why don't you
Just stay behind and
I'll pack my bags
I'll leave this place

Why don't you
Just stand right there so
You can  watch me while
I crush your heart this time.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy Excited Love War Peace

These words on the title up there are the words that my Irish teacher wants us to include in our poetry so I did this:

Pulse rate faster
Breathing gets harder
Heart keeps melting
This is when it's exciting

Thump, thump, thump
You make me feel so numb
My emotins get controlled by you
Ask me why I'm so happy I'd say it's you

Huff, huff, huff
I'm going out of breath
I can never win this horrible war
Can we stop this all?

Beep, beep, beep
My heart is going to flee
You make me feel so high and so low
And now I'm so in love

Serenity, calm and peace
These words comes in threes'
Thank you for loving me back
Otherwise I'd be out of track

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Boy am I glad to see so many people viewing my post tonight. Haha. I am terribly sorry for not updating as soon as possible because I couldn't get online due to my internet problem. But I gotta say, You guys are really impressive. I am really appreciative about that. Thank you guys so much for viewing it.

Well, things are getting heavier these days AND with loads of homeworks to be done but I still will not forget to come back here and talk to you guys out there about what I've learnt so far. I am still amazed about how you guys managed to take your time to read through my posts. I really can't thank you guys enough. You have no idea how great you guys  make me feel tonight. It has really complete my day.

Oh did you guys realize that it is the 6th of Feb already? Time flies huh? Yeah, it does. So appreciate time as well my friends. Life's too short for worries because you already have enough to worry for today. Don't start about tomorrow when your today isn't done yet. And as a kind of a reward... HEHE... I am gonna post two posts of my latest poem for the next two nights individually. And be prepared to be amazed by what you are going to read. HEHE. :D