Saturday, 17 September 2011


When you make someone happy, you will feel happy too. But that happiness isn't like any happiness. It is called inner joy. Happiness comes anytime you want it to. It can be now at this moment. Or later in a few minutes. It isn't neccesarry to make someone happy to be happy. You can be happy now. If only you choose to be happy.

You don't have to be rich, have a nice car, a beautiful house, or have all the desires that can fulfill yourself to be happy. Desires are forever there and will always be there. It is eternal. As human beings, our desire of wanting more never finishes. So never depend on fulfilling ourselves with all the desires because we will keep wanting for more.

We can choose to be anytime we want. We can choose happiness over sadness when we are not happy. We can choose to feel happy and let happiness flow through us so that we won't feel sad at all. In other words, we can be the ones who make the change and be happy. When we are happy, people around us will feel happy too. Then they will be happy and other people around them got influenced and be happy. If this keeps continuing then everyone in the world can be happy.

This is a shortcut to happiness. For those who believe in karma, they have a saying that what goes around comes around, it is true. When you be the one who is happy then maybe after a few minutes or days, you can feel happy from other people. It takes time,. It doesn't neccessarily meant that when you are happy other people around you will be happy too. No. It doesn't works that way.

Things takes time to change. People need time to adapt. Emotions takes time to built. Don't have to rush things. When you start to rush then you are having expectations in life. This way, you will never recieve happiness because, ecpectations only lead to failure. Don't expect to be happy but choose to be happy.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Life's fair when you think of it...

Life is always fair. Have you noticed that? but some people comes by and tells you that life is not fair, it is complicated, it is misarable and so on. But, it is all up to you to choose how life is. it is your life and no one can live it for you. it is your words that comes out from your mouth and you are the one who says it. so if you were to say that life is not fair then it is up to you. because you choose to say so.

but i warn you to be careful for what you say or wish for. because the universe is always hearing what you say. and that is why in the four agreements one of it is be impeccable of your words. and that is why there is law of attraction. if you say that life is fair, then you attract it because the universe gives you fair things. and being impeccable of your words is true.

if you think that life is always fair to you, the universe will send to you all those fair things and good things. because you told the universe that you want fair things in life. and this is something that i am practising everyday of my life.

if i say that life is good to me and everyone is good to me to then the universe will know that i want good things in life. then i will be attracting and having good things in life wherever i go. the forever kind universe is always listening to each and every single words we say. so be really impeccable of what we think or say. this way we can have what we want. by saying that life is fair to me and everyone of us.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Letting go

I remember last year I wore my black jacket all day long in school. Regardless on hot day or cold day. I wore it even when my teacher told me not to. Everyone thought I was going crazy wearing such a thick heavy jacket all day long when the sun was so bright up in the sky. It went on for days and days until the teacher doesn't bother to care if I was the only one wearing it.

I thought it was crazy too but I had my reasons. I was cold even on a hot day. The wind that blew into our classroom could make goose bumps on my skin. When people see me, they thought that I was a sick person. And that was how I got out of trouble when I was asked why I was wearing a black jacket. They thought that I was sick.

Well, I guess I was wearing it all year because I wasn't ready to let go. I wanted to keep every single memory I could inside of me. That was something I never realize. I kept telling myself that I need the jacket around my body. I don't feel safe. I need it with me. I need to protect myself. I gave myself lots of excuses and reasons just so I could keep the jacket over my shoulder.

But, now I look back. I see that there was a lot of things that I wasn't ready to let go when I put on that jacket. I was afraid of the changes around me. I wanted to keep things the way they were. Yet, through out the whole year, changes happened. The universe was telling me that somethings have to be changed. While some, remained the same.

I have new friends who came to my life and went away. I been through relationships which broke in the end. I have grades that went up and down just like life. People around me became more different. I lost friends and found some more. My environments changed. I had a dog and lost it. Friends going to other places. People relocated themselves. Different people approached me.

All these things around me. They changed. I was the one remained the same not wanting to let go of things around me. Like a horder I kept everything and afraid to lose it. Until the end of the year, I realize that the universe was telling me it is time to change somethings about me.

For some people it takes a long time to let go of things around us. Most of us are afraid of letting go of the past. That's why we are always living in the past and not willing to move forward. We forgot that time fly around us. If we don't change, the year may change. People we see everyday will change to.

We have to take action to let go of the things that should be gone. We can always keep what is best for us. But what's best for us is to let go of the pain, fear, and lots of sad moments. What's to be gone, let it be gone. What's to be kept forever it shall be kept. Don't be caught by the past. It is time for us to move on to the next level.

I always remind myself by telling myself that we are the leaders of our lifes. If we don't move on, no one else will move for us. For the legs and feet we have belong to us and so does the path. If it wan't the path that we choose then do not regret. Turn around before you fall into the trap of past. If it is too late to turn, don't regret too. Let go of the burden and you can soar like an eagle. Choose another path that you can take. Regrets are tons of bricks that holds you down.

If you want to fly as high as you want. Then it is time for you to let go of the mountain you are carrying behind you. Or the bricks of burden that you are pulling behind you. Letting go of the things and you will feel as light as a feather. Like a danlieon you can fly high up in the sky and never let anyone catch you.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


This morning I went to the market with my mother and brother. Some guy who seems familiar keeps passing by us. My brother had a thought that he was a stalker. I thought that he might just be any other person who wants to talk to us but was too shy to. The first few times of meeting him, i thought it might just be a coincidence. But after a lot of times meeting him, I don't find it as a coincidence but as a want to be.

He keeps showing up all the time. And everytime he shows up, he looked at my brother like he was wishing that my brother could recognize him. But sadly, my brother doesn't. It seemed to me that this person wanted to talk to us. It was like he had seen us before. I kept fishing my mind for where did we met before, but there wasn't any memories of him in my mind.

I would have to agree with my brother that he was acting kinda weird and like a stalker but he looked just as innocent as he can be. Just another guy who we saw for a lot of time at a market. Some people might say that you might want to give it a re-think. But I would say that things happen like a meant to be.

Whenever we met someone just appreciate that we met them. Appreciate their appearance in our life so that we know that this person had existed before in our lifes. Appreciate is also a way to get out of anger. In fact, on my opinion, it is the fastest way. When we appreciate things, we start to love it. Unconditionally. And that is how love should be in life.

Appreciate your health for you can still live to see this post. Appreciate your eyes so that you are able to see these wonderful things around you and others may not see what you can see. Appreciate your lungs and heart for letting in oxygen and pumping it all over your blood system so that you can still be alive.

I appreciate my computer for working so that I can share this with you. I appreciate my fingers for typing out what I want to share with you here today. I appreciate my mother for giving me this life to learn and grow with you all. I also appreciate her for giving me this computer so I can create this blog and share with you what I have been aware of.

See, there is so many things we can appreciate about. You can even appreciate your stomach for working and letting you being able to eat all those delicious food around the world. Or appreciate your legs for letting you walking around the world and travel while some people don't have the chance to.

Not only that there are more than billions of things that you can appreciate. And when you start to appreciate things, the universe will know that you appreciate it and it will keep sending you more of it. But, remember this. Never demand. Never demand things and expect the universe to give you things at the moment you appreciate it. You have to appreciate things fully with your heart. Only then you can get what you appreciate.

I can't promise that you will always have what you appreciate. So, please don't get me wrong and get mad when you don't get what you want. It all takes time for things to happen. Be aware of what you are doing now and you will plant the seed of tomorow or even the next minute.