Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Laws that affect teenagers

I never seem to know that there are laws that may affect teenagers these days.. Clearly, I have to actually keep up with the rest of the world right now. Sound like I have been left behind while the world is asking me to keep up with it. Hmm.. Sounds like something to do in the weekend.

So far, I know that laws that affect teenagers are laws that came to affect on January 1, 2012? Which is like last year? Yeah, even thought they are last year but then hey, do you know how long it takes to make a law? Well, here in malaysia they would kinda summarize it to one page and tell you all about it but then in the Great Britian? UK? US? It takes longer time because they have to think about the laws. Goes through Parliment. Then over to someone else with higher role. Then again to another person higher than them. And in the end, if it is successful it gets to the Goverment or the King and Queen (for the countires that still have royal families) and then it becomes a law.

Before it is a law it is called a "bill". I have not an idea why it is called a "bill" but I do know that they are to be known as bill. If they fail halfway, they would have to go all over again from the first stage. Rephrased and used again until it is a law. Some of the Goverment bills are also amended halfway to make sure that they stay on the track to the process of becoming law.

SO, laws are not as easy as it looks like it is. Because the Parliment have to look at a toilet paper long bills that wants to become laws. There are also these so called Private Bills. Their bills are made from organisations who wants specific power and control over the things that they are under.

And so... let's move on from the laws and we will talk about it some other day shall we because it is going to be a long one as I am asked to research about what the title of the topic is. And what I have found out now sounds rather interesting... Which is something that teenagers should be looking at. And so does parents so they are aware of the things that their teenagers are doing.

My fellow teen readers ou there. Please forgive me. It is for your own good I promise. *quickly runs away before you start shooting arrows*

Monday, 28 January 2013

Masks of life.

Early yesterday morning.. I mean like very early morning. Early as in 2 or 3 am early yesterday morning, I had a talk with my brother about masks. And I find it rather interesting, so I decided to share it with you guys about what he told me. BUT not in exact words.

We all wear masks in life. Because everywhere we go, we play a role. At home, we play a role as a family member. At school, we play a role as a student body. At work, you play a role as an employee or employer. At the society, you play a role as a citizen, friend, stranger, partner or anything that you may be. But everytime we step into a different environment, we play a different role and we wear a different mask.

We all have to wear a mask so that we can survive out in the society. Just thinking of it, being yourself doesn't get you nowhere because not everyone would accept you the way you are unless they have gone through a motivational class or a class that talks about life. Not everyone goes to that kind of thing so it is hard for them to accept you as who you are out there.

So, even if you want to be yourself, you still have to put on a mask or something to hide yourself. The true you. Because sometimes the "you" inside you may not be a pretty sight. Not saying that everyone doesn't have a pretty sight inside but just some people may not. I am sorry if I have caused some misunderstanding but this is life. And I know I am being too straight-forward but this is life. And we all have to face it. So yeah, tough luck. Therefore, this is the mask of life.

This mask of life is the mask that I am going to put on. But I am only putting it on to cover up the dark side and the unpleasent sight of me. Though some people may think that someone is perfect, but then everybody's got their own dark side. No one is perfect you know? It's the fact. A universal fact that we all have to face. No one in this world is close to perfect because we don't have a perfect to define ourselves to.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I'm tired. Are you?

I'm tired.. Are you?


Sleeping at 4:13 am in the morning and waking up at 8:43 am in the morning. Even though I tried it before, but I never know that I can still be awake throughout the ceremony in the church this morning. Gosh, where in the world did I get all those energy from? I mean I don't even feel like sleeping at all. Okay, okay. I did take a few second naps when the people are talking about Christ up on stage but I was fine. Just several quick naps and then I am fine.

Is this adrenaline or what? I mean like I don't think I ever want to sleep at all this early morning though. I don't want to get to sleep at all. I felt like I could cope with not sleeping at all. Because it is past my sleeping hour and I just want to stay awake all night long. I just have the feeling that it is pointless to sleep at some point.

But that would make my sleeping schedule gone wrong or something. It would make my body think that you don't need to sleep and you jsut need to stay awake. Like you don't need to rest or something like that. Thank goodness my little cousins weren't with us this morning because they are seperated from us who are known to be the elder ones.

However, this morning I saw some people who looked like someone I know. Haha. For those who think that I am going to say "Somebody that I used to know" then you may as well sing the song. But I wasn't. If you aren't going to say or thinking of that... then it probably means that that song didn't get you in the head or brain-washed you somehow. So congratulate yourself for not being brain-washed.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Get a life...

Get a life. Ahem, get a life? You tell me to get a life? Please you don't know what life is yet and you are telling me to get a life? Uh, hello?? Just because you see me write a whole book of notes from the textbook and references doesn't mean that I don't have a life. I have a life AND I can assure you that it is way better than yours.

You think that I don't have a life? Yeah, I don't go out like most of you do. Yeah, I don't hangout with you guys much. Yeah, I don't get to go out with my friends much because I don't have the privillage like you guys do. Yeah, I have a very low life, but that doesn't makes me have a no life person! You have no right to call or say that I have no life at all. I have a life. And it is way cooler than yours.

You want to know what it's all about? It's about being with my family while you guys are out there going out wasting precious time and money on something else that only brings you fun and memories with your friends but not bonding with your family. It's about learning about life as I know it unlike you guys who only know how to get to where you want to and play as much as you want for the rest of the year. It's about being alive while you guys are still unaware and immature.

You may think that living life is about having fun at this stage, but it isn't! Yeah, I know... This is the only age when you can play and have fun with your body now. But guess what?! I'm making a better choice. I prefer to do my own things my way and call it my life. IT IS MY LIFE! NOT YOURS! SO DON'T JUDGE AND SAY THAT I HAVE NO LIFE WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS LIFE

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Say thank you

Say thank you,
When you recieve something from others.
Let them know that you appreciate what you recieve from them.
Let them know that you are grateful of it.

Say thank you,
When you finish eating,
To the chef who cooked, be it mother or maid or someone else.
Let them know that you are happy with the food that they served you with.

Say thank you,
When you are paying,
To the cashier who gives you the change,
Let them know that you are happy with what you bought.

Say thank you,
When you are in school,
To the teacher who taught you something,
Let them know that you are grateful with what you have learnt.

Say thank you,
In everything you do,
Be positive about life,
Then you can recieve positive things back.

Friday, 18 January 2013

It's me again...

It's been a week when I last posted something here. Do you guys miss me? ;P I had been very busy myself for the last week. I came back from a camping. I was selected for a prefect. I am writing my new book for homework. Also, homework has seem to have increased as usual. Though it is supposed to be expected, my cousin sister is also here and left today.

Things are starting to get heavy now on my side. I hope that it won't get any more heavier than it is now... Oh well, I seem to have gone out of ideas of what to write... I kind of have no inspiration again. I need inspiration of things to write about. To be frank, whenever I don't post something, it is because I am out of inspiration, tired or just don't have the time to post things up.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Two weeks of church

I ended my last week of 2012 by going to church on a Sunday. And I started a new year of 2013 with going to church again as well. I went with my cousins and aunt.

It was like the church I went before. They have their sessions on Sundays. Yeah, I went to church when I was a young child. Back in my hometown but I am still a free religion person. Yes, I have not baptised. Yes, I have accepted Jesus as my saviour as we are supposed to be. We were told to accept him as our saviour and we will be saved. It didn't say that we have to be a christian to go to His kingdom.

Alright back to my topic, going a little off just now haha.. Ok where were we? Oh right, this is my second week of being in a church. I actually went there because I thought I might seek some answers to my questions. But I seem to be singing verses and listening to the people there talking about requirting brothers and sisters to Christ.

I noticed that in there they called each others Brother (name) and Sister (name). It kinda feels homey like that but not so... I have no idea why but I suppose that is because the aura isn't there... But I think other than that, everything else is fine. :D

First week

The first week of 2013 already ended don't you know that? Do you realise that? Are you aware of the time moving so fast without us knowing it? What does that tells us? It tells us that time moves on even if we don't move on. It doesn't even matter if we are not going anywhere or doing anything, but it still ticks and tocks away.

I guess I know that we all have to move on from regrets and thoughts. We sometimes think too much. That makes us do nothing at all in the end. Like what my English / Moral teacher told me. When we think too much about something we end up doing nothing at all. I find that sort of true in a way. You think about what will happen if you do something. You think about what are the consequences of not doing it instead. It's called wavering.

When we think too much, we will have worries. Why do we worry? Like I said just now, you think about what might happen and not happen when you do it. Then you will have fear. The fear of losing something. The fear of something happening. Why do we have that fear, because we don't know if we are making the right descision.

That leads us to.... *Drum rolls* lack of belief and trust. What makes me think that it is the answer? Simple. When you have worry, that means that you are not believing in what you are doing now.

That's why people. When you worry, keep calm. Find peace. Then get the worry out of you. Woosh it away. If you get what I mean. Think about something happy. Even better is that keep yourself in serenity. It is hard to find serenity but at least try not to think much about the things that makes you feel uncomfortable. That way you don't have to be frowning all the times.

Most of all, Love yourself people. For Love is the word to conquer Fear.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First day of school

It's the first day of school. That means homeworks, teachers, get ready for tests, and all that things that had been done last year have to be started all over again. Instead, this year is much more intense because it is my critical year. I know that means that I have to really get into everything and be serious about everything I do.

However, the first day is a not bad day to start with. I get some homework as expected, but I had the best homework ever. It requires me to write a book on my own. YAY!! THis is the first time I get to write a book for school and as a homework.

This is going to be exciting~~~. I suppose that most of you guys might htink that I am crazy because I say that writing a book for homework. And I am quite sure that it is okay to assume that you all must be thinking that "Why would she say that writing a book is the best homework ever?" Well, let me tell you this I like... no wait... Let me rephrase. I LOVE to write books and I LOVE writing. That's why I would say that it is the best homework ever given. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Don't worry people. I am still in my right mind. I just somehow love writing too much already. Oh not to mention, it is kinda weird that many people are getting sick on the first day of school. So please beware my fellow friends who are students. Please take good care of yourselves okay? Good luck for the rest of the day and PMR students and SPM students!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Stu-dying?? What the heck?

Stu-dying?? What the heck? Seriously people? I mean is studying really killing you? Don't you think that working kills you too? DO you seriously think that studying really kills you? If you think that studying kills you what do you want to do then? Work? I know I am not supposed to take this seriously and it's just a joke but have you ever think of why or what is the reason you are going to school?

Well, let's see... Your parents work hard for you so you get to go to a good school or a place to study and get education so you have a brighter future. I know I have no say in this nor do I have a point to start with because I am not a working person or a parent yet (not that I am thinking of being the latter) but still have you ever thought for your parents before?

I know it sounds very weird that I am a student and I am not thinking like most of you do because I also have problems studying just like you do. I am also going through everything you are going through. But don't you just feel teensy-tiny-little-bit of gratefulness inside of you that your parents work so hard for you and your future?

If you are not happy with studying then go out and work. Why work and not stay at home? Where do you think that computer or free-wifi in your house comes from? Where do you think that comfy couch or bed you sleep in comes from? You seriously think that you can get free food everywhere you go?

It all comes from hard work. Your parents worked so hard for you so you have a computer to use, bed to sleep in, food on the table to fill up your stomach and food in the fridge when you are hungry. You think that you can get it just like that when you are out there in the society? When it is your turn? When everything is depended on you?

If everything would be so easy then everyone can just shake legs and starve. There is no such thing as free lunch in this world. If you don't want to study then let your parents to rest. They don't have to work so hard to bring you to school where you do nothing but waste their money there. They should save it for themselves and have a good trip around the world. They don't owe you anything. SO why should they suffer for your future?

There are kids out there that wants to learn and don't even get the chance to get to have their hands on books, shoes, pencils even uniform. So why do you complain so much when you have everything that others don't have the privilage to have? Why not use your school fees on them instead to let them have a better life? Why not give it to those who are grateful to have education and have a better life than you?