Tuesday, 20 August 2013

还有两个星期。。。Two more weeks...

但是,为什么好像没有压力的呢? 以前看哥哥那么大的压力。可现在为何自己却没有呢?是不是我自己准备好了呢?是不是信心大呢?

Two more weeks to mock exam.
But, why do I feel like I have bo pressure on me at all? Last year, I watched my brother and his friends having such pressure. Now it's my turn and I don't feel anything.
All of my friends said the same thing. Could it be that we just don't have pressure on ourselves? Confidence? Or just feeling pressure after the ezam because pf the results?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

4 more weeks

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gays and lesbians, male and female, ghosts and aliens. If you are reading this I have something to announce you all.

Soon, after 4 weeks, I am going to have mock exam,. This mock exam is for me to get my results and apply to university. If you are wondering where I am going, he he he.. I am going to Australia. Not telling you where but I am going there. Why? Of course for further studies.

How about the rest of you out there? How are you guys doing tonight and recently? Have you been living a happy life with enough things around you or lots of things around you and an unhappy life?