Sunday, 30 October 2011

Kitchen Jokes

In the kitchen,...

Mom : Mabel, get me a pen please?
I pass my mother a frying pan.
Mom : No, I want a writing pen.
Me : Mom, when you are in the kitchen specify the type of pen or pan you want. Because in a kitchen you only can get frying pan, sauce pan, but not a writing pen.

Mom : Mabel, I need the paper.
Me : Ok.. *takes out the black pepper and gives it to mom*
Mom : I meant the baking paper.
Me : Mom, i suggest you start spelling out the things that you want next time.
Mom : Sure, I need the p-a-p-e-r.
Me : I am sorry mom. But what paper is it that you want?

Ha ha.. Yea i know the second one doesnt sound so funny but i just made it up. Well, anyways i just want to share with you guys that being in the kitchen with someone and doing something, you can make jokes out of it. It is a memorable moment. If it isn't for you but it is for me. You see in everyday life, there is always something that is worth it to remember about. Such as having a good laughter, or having some fun games in the park.

Well, there is a lot of things that you can remember in a day. There are also lots of things that can be remembered when you are doing something with your family or friends. this way can boost your energy and feelings in the day. i know i might sound like i am talking karma here but it is real. Most of all, spend more time with your family. you never know when is the last time you will see them. We have to spend more time with our people we love in a way to show that we appreciate and love them too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Mabel,
Happy birthday to me!!

Woots! Ha ha. I am going to be 15 tonight when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. Ooh, can't wait. Feeling all hyper... haha. Well anyways. Thank you to all who wishes me Happy Birthday. I really appreciated it. Love your sincerity.

Being 15 is like being born again with a new age. A new number that symbalizes how many years i have been staying on Earth. How many years I have been alive. And people say that getting older is not such a good thing because you have to be more muture and all those things. But to me, getting older is a good thing. It tells me that it is time to move on from the past. Time to reach out for more. Open those wings and fly around the world. Visiting every single place.

Lots of my friends don't know that it is my birthday and apologize to me for not wishing me happy birthday at school. I let it be because I want to keep it secret. I don't like having a big party of people telling me Happy birthday. Though I might enjoy it but i just prefer to keep it to myself. All I want for my birthday present is to see my whole family together and smiling. That is all that i ask for. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a smile can make my day.

Thank goodness there is no test today. So i can feel more relaxed. People used to say that the day you start putting on a pair of glasses, is the day you lose sight of your life. BUT, for me it is the day when i gain clearity of my future. I can see it right before me. I have it all planned perfectly. My family tells me not to make desicions too quickly, so i change it a little bit but it is still with the same intention.

Here i am going to share with you about my life intention. It is to live a fulfilled life, help people in various forms of ways, and share what i can and what i have learnt to the world. and here i am sharing with you all the things that i know and understand about. it is up to you to take the fish or take the fish and the fishing rod with you. Lessons are given, it is just up to you to choose which you pick. Fish or fishing rod with the fish.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I am BACK!

Hey, guys.. I haven't been on the blog for a long time and I apologize for that. I have been busy about my exams and homework.. Ah.. school life.. Well, other than school I am also busy at my own 'little project'. Which is my story. Have I told you that I am working on a teen romance novel. Well, I am. It is quite good though. Anyways, exams are tiring and making me feeling sick. I have headaches over them. I think I am having a flu because of exams. Many people feel sick after exams because of what stress is causing them to be.

Well, life has been great everyday. The universe has been kind to me and sending me challenges to testing my faith towards it. Let's just say that everyone have a life to lead and live in. It is up to us to decide how we want to think it turn out to be or how we lead our own lives. We can always choose how we want our life to turn out to be.

We are the ones who plants the seed of the future for ourselves. We are the ones who choose to plant the good or the bad seed inside of us that creates the future for ourselves. We also have to be careful on what kind of seed we plant. sometimes we don't even know that we are planting the wrong type of seed for ourselves. and the future is just ahead of us. even the next second is the future already.

we have to be careful on what we say too. like in the four agreements one of them is to be impeccable of your own words. it is true. when you are not aware of what you say, you might find trouble to yourself. that trouble might not come so quickly but it might happen in the next few days or some sort. so here i am once again to tell you all that this post is mainly about future, and being impeccable of what you are doing or saying because it can affect your future!!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Salt & Pepper

Once there was a spice called Salt. He had a friend called Pepper. They were good friends. Never sepereated from each other. Together they were found on the dinning table. Together they were used as a spice by humans. One day, their owner had a feast. Lots of people came. Both Salt and Pepper sat on the dinning table. They started chatting about their backgrounds and what they were made of.

They found out that they were made under different company, different things, and different ways. They felt it was rather weird because the both of them were so different yet they still can be such good friends. And so, their friendship grew deeper.

A little kid came by. She was rather bored and asked Salt and Pepper why does people always put them both together? Salt replied " That is because we are good friends and people always use us together." She turned to Pepper and asked  "Then why is it so that mummy used Salt more than Pepper?" Pepper replied "Because I am more like a back up. If your mummy put too much of Salt, then she would add me to neutralise Salt." The kid just nods and went off to her way.

Salt turn to Pepper and say "What do you mean by neutralise? Are you saying that just because you are jealous that her mother used me more than she used you?" Pepper shaked his head and said "No, my friend. It is because when you went too far, I am there for you."

Be happy that your friends are different from you. They come to you because they are willing to help you out of trouble when you are in one. They are there when you feel down and lonely. They are your companion when you need one. They are your tissue when you cry. They are your umbrella when you are under a rain. They are your jacket when you feel cold. They are your light when you are in the dark.

Sometimes they are not just your friends but these people are your family too. Love them and they will love you. To all my friends around the world. If you are reading this, just to let you know I love you too.


So fast and it is October already.. Seems like time flies while we are waiting for it to pass. Sooner it will be my birthday and I am going to turn 15. At this moment, i should be very excited but this year everything is different. There isn't much excitement to be expected. October to me is like a birthday month. It is the month whereby most of the people I know are having birthdays.

Normally, I would be jumping up and down thinking about my upcoming birthday but I realise that it isn't actually the birthday we are celebrating. We are actually celebrating the year that has past. The knowledge we have learnt and the moments we have had. It sort of seemed like celebrating a new year and all that has passed is going to go the the column called 'past'.

At the beginning of the year I told myself that this is going to be the year of change. The year that EVERYTHING is going to change. And that includes me. It sure did change. Unknowingly, almost EVERYTHING in my life changed. People, and lots more around me changes situations.

When we celebrate birthdays, the birthday person gets a new age. Some adults don't really like to let people know their age. Not saying every adult but just some. Actually age is nothing but a number of year you have been living on earth. We should be glad that our age is bigger than the others. It shows that we have lived for how long on earth. I am glad that I am going to be a 15 because I have learnt for 15 years and I am using all that I have learnt.

So for those of you who are having birthdays on October, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! May you have a great new year of wonders and knowledge ahead of you. Also wish you have a wonderful age and memorable moments with your family.