Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mirrorizing myself

Ever thought of doing something and then someone does it to you in the end. The same scenario. Same thing. But just the person who is doing the thing is changed. In other words, like karma. What you did to others they do the same thing to you even when they didn't know that you are doing it?

Well it is called "mirror".
At least, that's what I would call it...

It is like you do something for example; you sneak into someone's room to take something out of their room. And they do the same thing to you just that they didn't know that you did it before to them. Get what I mean?

Just like Karma. What goes around, comes around. What you do to others would be done to you just the same. So if you steal something from others, then someone else would steal from you sooner or later. That makes you live in fear. And it also creates trouble to yourself. In the end, you either end up in a fight or misunderstanding and lost of trust in each other. Because you never know when will it happen again.

Something I have learnt from my mistake. And I am sharing this to you so that you know it and will apply to yourself too. Remember, Karma does comes around and does exist.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Back from everything

Hey guys. I'm sorry for not updating these days. I know you guys must be rather upset with my doings. I know as a blogger one have to keep up with the post to keep up with the people reading my blog. And here I am not keeping up with my posts at all. I am so sorry. BUT I do have my reasons.

My grandfather passed away on 21st November 2012.

That is my reason. And I have to be away from my laptop for several days because I have to take several trips ups and downs to Miri. I am sorry my beloved readers. I will keep up as soon as possible to keep you guys updated about what I have learnt and what is going on.

What I dislike most is smoking and cigarettes. I don't like smoking because of the effects and the smell is just too horrible to bear. Cigarettes? Well, it is because it takes 8 minutes of your life away. Imagine if you take one whole box containing 10 cigarettes, then you are killing 1 hour and 20 mintues of your life away. I can have two periods of 40 minutes class. And for that I can learn something other than digging my grave.

But what can I do when it comes to my family? I can only tell them that I love them and want them to be around when I am successful in life. I want them to see me carrying my researches and tell them that I have found a cure for HIV or AIDS for that matter. Even better, I want them to see me grow old. I want them to bear witness that I can achieve success and make them proud. Make this family proud.

It is their choice to choose whether to be there on that day or not. What I know is that I want them there. As for my grandfather, he may not be there but he will be in my heart. Because I promise him that I will succeed and come back to find him. So now, he is resting in peace up there and in here with me in my heart. His old soul rests in my heart where he is still alive. His body sleeps in peace with the saints. His spirit is high up in heaven. No pain. No injection. No IV drips. No chemo. No nothing and no more nurses to take his blood away. No more doctors to give him false hope.

Yes, you can probably guess by now. He had lung cancer which turn into liver cancer. Say no to smoking before you get more pain than you deserve.

Smokers out there. I would stop you from smoking but I know that it will not be of use because you can always go to the store and buy another packet yourself. But what I can remind you here is that, would you rather have a longer life to spend with your family and have great memories which you can take with you forever? OR would you want to have short-term pleasure and long-term pain which requires you to be in the hospital and injections to take your blood away from you and pain everytime you see the doctor knowing that you don't have much time left to do anything that you want at all?

Your choice. I may not have been through it but I can tell you that your family is going to suffer more than you do. I had beared witness of everything and heard enough of everything. You better stop now or prepare enough money to buy your grave. Addictive or not, Life or Death. It is your choice.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Life unexpected

Life is not to be expected. It does comes with expectations from your family, teachers, friends, boss, colleagues, Have anyone of you other there watch the series "Life Unexpected"? Well, I haven't though but I do know that life cannot be expected unless you understand how life works. And if you do know how life works, which is clearly very rare and impossible unless you go with the flow of life, you are God. But God is up in heaven not down here so I suppose that it will have to go through years and years of maturity to understand life itself.

If you expect life to be the way that you want it, then what is the point of living? You already know how your life is going to be. And you already can predict what is going to happen next. If that is how life is going to be like then it will be double the boredom and double the amazingness. Because everyone already knows what is going to happen next. Everyone already knows what will happen to them. When they are going to die. When they are going to get married. When they are going to be expecting.

Which comes to the reason why life is not to be expected. Because it is supposed to be a surprise. Something that we should not know about. It is our future. It can be planned to be that way but we cannot expect the weather to be right or the temperature of the area to be exact as we wanted it can we?

Everyday we live as a farmer. We eat Yesterday and harvest Today and plant Tomorrow again. Simple as that. That is how we live. And if Tomorrow is not ripe, we leave it aside and call it Future.

What we do Yesterday is the past. we pluck it out so it doesn't distract us and move on. We take in Today as we plant them yesterday. Then we plant Tomorrow again which will become Today when it is the next day. I hope I don't confuse you there... If I do, you know where to find me. I'm on where you can ask me what do I mean or if I've confused you. Don't hesitate. I'm just one 'Click' away. :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Not worth it

This post is from an inspiration of my Kenyan friend named Edwardo Mahaga. My pal whom I've met on twitter. And if you are asking yes I do have a twitter account. So follow me there! @Mabel_le_genius whereas Ed's is @ Ed_on_the_bed. Or you can ask me questions on and I would be glad to answer you or make it into a post. :)

"Never change for anybody but yourself" - Edwardo Mahaga

I quote from the conversation above from my Kenyan friend who reminded me to not change for anybody but myself. Thank you Ed if you are reading this. Thank you for reminding me that it is not worth it to change for somebody because of what they say or how thy influence you. If we want to change then let ourselves be the reason of the change. If we are changing for others then we are just surrendering ourselves to others hands and let them control us and our lifes.

It is not worth changing for someone else and then after a certain time you realize that you do not like the change that you did to yourself. Then it will be too late to change back. Well, although some of us are lucky enough to change back but what if you are used to it already? What if you don't know yourself anymore?

I'm talking about your own character and personality. Don't change to please someone else. Change for the better if it is needed to be changed. If it is because of someone, changing to make them notice you or know that you exist? Please. Just don't. Not worth it my dear. Not worth it. Because you are you. And you are already perfect the way you are. If you are not the way you are then what is the point of living? You are not living as you. You are living as another you which is the fake you. And it is very "fake". I can assure you that. Just being you is enough. Because we are born to live as ourselves. Not born to impress or please others.

Friday, 16 November 2012

The first week of Holiday

Hey there my bloggers. I know you missed me... Don't you? Well, it doesn't matter. Because I missed you too. All of you out there. Where ever you are I miss you. Sorry I had been missing. And I know that it is holiday season for Malaysians here. So Malaysians, how has your holiday been? Great? Fun? Or just exshausted from those mountain climbing and nature walking for those who are doing scout camps recently?

My holiday was not as I expected it to be. It was pretty much slacking and watching TV all day doing nothing productive. Which is something that you guys should not be doing if you are in Sarawak. You should be out there enjoying the greens while we have it. I know I sound like a hypocrite but I am a different story. Just so you know that my family has certain situation to tie me down in a house until I am 21 years old. YES, it is TRADITION. (If that is the word you are looking for) and it is very typical but mine is a different case. Mine is "over-protective" family.

Just to let you know, I am still alive and you don't have to worry about me. Because I am still gonna be here and blog even though it is 4:44 am on 21-12 2012. Yes, people. we have very limited time here on Earth now. But I still believe that we can still live after that day. It is said that 'If there is a begining, there is an end' or 'there is an end to everything' that has a begining.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, DO NOT FORGET THAT I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO EVEN IF I MEET GOD MID-WAY. *which I am not sure about because as human being we sin but I do know that I accepted Jesus as saviour is good enough for me.*

Einstein once said that if he ever meet God he will wants to get his questions answered because he has lots of things that needs explaination. But if I meet God, I'll have only one wish. Which is to let my family to go to heaven and I am willing to bear their sins on my shoulders. God's love is eternity for us, so I am willing to sacrifice myself for others as well. Just one last sacrifice, this time a daughter, for my family. And by family I mean the World.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Last day of school

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL PEEPS! LAST DAY OF MY ACADEMIC YEAR IN 2012!! And I have homeworks over the holidays. Lol.. I know it is supposed to be like that because we have to revise otherwise we might forget everything we learnt this year. And then next year we have to relearn everything again when we are supposed to be learning something new.

I am going to miss Miss Karen. My english teacher. She is so cool and nice. I mean she is really cool and nice. She' s okay with us calling her first name informally outside of school. She's leaving next year. That means that the only time we get to meet her is only in Kuching Fest or concerts.

We will be like "Miss, would you like a mug of beer?" Yes, she is a party animal. A wild party animal on that. Ha ha. She's like no other Miss Karen you can find out there. Like no other... Nope.. SO RADICAL. Man, She's like an idol to me. My other insipred role model.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Second last day of school

Today is the second last day of school for the year. All the classes have parties and dance like crazy while my class consists of only 4 girls including me and two guys who came halfway throughout. It was really a boring day.

Despite to boredom, we played some cards and had some great laughs. Although I couldn't participate in most of the talking but it was fun just listening to other's memories we have throughout the year. Well... tomorrow is the last day and I am going to go up the stage to get an award.. "The citizenship award"

It is the second year I have the award and also the second year I am in the school... Guess I am really going to be a good citizen to the society then.. Haha.. Well, that depends right? Who knows what might happen to me in the future but we can only hope for the best.

I just got home and start to miss my friends already. Although not much of us are here, but I miss all of them deep in the bottom of my heart. Even though they are not real friends or besties, but at least they are my classmates, right? And I care for them. Therefore, I have the right to miss them as well. Lol.. I sound so retarded but just to let you know, I am. Ha ha.. I guess this is it guys after so long. Thanks for continuing reading my posts. I love you guys. I am not sure about next year if I can still keep updating like this because it is THE critical year already. So see you when I see you.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Hitz Birthday Invasion!!

Tonight is the birthday invasion here in Kuching. AHHHH!!! *squeals* and all that what nots. Puh-lease lah.. I mean come on.. I know it is the birthday invasion but what';s the big deal. It just Chance, One bucks short, and some other bands coming to kuching to get their fans attention.

Yes, I do love I do like Chance's songs. but I am not going to go over obssessed and carry him home tonight or something like that having said by a friend of mine who is "in-love" with Chance. But above all that.. I'd just rather stay back at home and write on my blog updating to you guys out there who are reading this post tonight.

Yes, Of course because I love you guys more than I love those artists. Those are called 'fan-love'. me to you? Is "unconditional love" that you cannot get from anyone else other that your lovers and your family. I don't even care if someone is going to propose to me tonight because I care more about you guys that the anonymous person that I do not know... lol.. this is going too far.

Anyways, how's it going for you peeps out there? I know it sounds insane.. but does anyone seem to notice that it is almost december? The heck with the YOLO thing. I am staying here and writing my blog even if it is 4:44 am on 21st december 2012. And I am telling you that we are going to be alive. No matter what. We are going to stay alive. Just trust me. Have faith in yourself that you are going to live through this. at least through your generation.