Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Hey, Malaysians! How are you guys? Our beloved country had just turned 55 this year recently. And apparently, I was too busy myself to post or update you guys. So sorry!!! I was having lots of things to deal with until I didn't have time to come back online to celebrate this important day of independence with all of you.

As for you guys who are non-Malaysians, It is an Independence day on 31st August. It is a very important day for us because it is the day Malaysia is free from being under other countries control. We have officially been free for 55 years up until now. And will still continue to stay that we don't we Malaysians? Let me hear a YES! MERDEKA!!!

I am sure that most of you guys out there wonder why do we shout "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" on our independence day while everyone else just celebrates it by throwing parties and all that. We shout 'merdeka' because 'merdeka' itself is a word that resembles freedom. Who gave us this freedom? Haha, that... all of the Malaysians can answer you that don't we? (if you are a malaysian and you don't know who gave us freedom, I strongly suggest you reread your history book. It's in there *wink*wink*)

As you can see, the people who came to invade our country are people like British and Japan. Well, the Japan people came to take our country or came into our country during the WW2. If you know what I mean. The british however is way further ahead that. From where I come from, I know that James Brooke was a explorer and he came to make a trade with one of the people who was in charge of this lovely, green, place.

I think it was because he wanted to make business or something? Then he past it on to Charles Brooke, the next generation of his who took control and then left around the 20's. I don't want to go too detail into history because it was a nightmare memorizing everything. If you are interested, please by all means do more research about it. You might find it interesting too! Just a head's up, if I am not wrong, there are some spanish invasion or something that you can learn from here...

Well, I guess I should end here now. Sorry for not updating on Independence day. I am truly sorry to all the Malaysians out there, and Happy Belated Birthday Malaysia! Love you! <3

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Challenges in life

I know that I did this post before but I am going through it again. Once again, I would like to remind you guys that challenges are always out there. You can't escape from it. You can't leave it anyhow. You can't avoid neither can you hide from it. Even if you managed to get yourself out of it for a while, it will still come right back at you.

What are challenges for in our lifes? It just tires us. makes us feel like we are challenged everytime. It just makes us feel frustrated all the time. But still we have to face it because it is in part of our daily lifes. Gladly, there are some problems that are already done for us so it makes our lifes easier such as cars for travelling, technologies for communication, and lots more. But still, even after our lifes have been made so easy for us already? Because each of us still have to go through our own challenges that is made for us in life.

Why do we have challenges made for us in life? Why do we have to face them everyday? The first answer is because it is made for us so we can learn. We as human beings have to learn from our mistakes. If we do not learn we don't know what is right and wrong. We will always make mistakes in life that is why we are not perfect. the same reason why we need to learn from our mistakes everyday. If we do not learn then we will never know what is our mistakes. The ego side of us will always think that we are right even though we are wrong because as human beings we all want to be right about things. No one likes to be wrong; I repeat NO ONE likes to be wrong. That is what challenges are there to help us learn.

The second reason is to help us grow and think. If we don't have challenges, we will never grow out of our maturity. We will never think outside the box. Take Edison for an example, he invented light bulb so that we can see in the dark. How did he think of inventing light bulbs? Well, it was because the challenges that drives him to think of how to make things better for the world. That is why challenges are made for us to help us think outside the box.

In life, there are always obsticles out there that we have to go through. They are knows as challenges. We have to go through thiese things. Everyone has to. In fact, even babies have to go through challenges too. What kind of challenges do they have? They have challenges such as learning how to walk, talk, communicate so we can understand them. You see, everyday we have challenges out there waiting for us. It only gets harder day by day because we are growing. WE need to learn and grow to think more mature.

OH NO!!!

When I got here all I remember is my own blogspot and I forgot how to get to the dashboard where I can post new posts and all that. I got panicked so much. I was like 'OMG!! What should I do now?!" I completely have no idea of how to get back here again. I swear that moment of my face is just priceless... Ha ha. too bad you didn't get to see it. But that is ok. Cause I don't think it would happen anymore *evil grin* he he...

I tried to look from the history but my history didn't save anything more than 3 weeks. At that moment, I felt like I am dead.. Cause I can't get back here and update to you guys again... GAHH!!! But here I am typing this post to you guys because I found my dashboard again. HAHAHA.. Omg that moment was just so funny that I was literally "Laughing Out Loud" in my room. Of course not so loud till the whole house can hear me. I was just so glad that I found my way in again.

How did I get here again? He he.. Simple.. *adjusts my glasses on my nose bridge and slight shining on the rim* Cause I'm a genius. Ha ha.. Nah.. not so pure genius but still.. a genius. I went to the home page. Then I remembered that all I need to do was log in and I can get to my profile again!! HAHAHA!! Hilarious eh? Well... for some of you but I think it is just my dry sense of humour in these things. Hmm.. (wondering to myself) I should try to be more humorous...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hey guys!! How have you been? I just realize that it has been 2 months since I last updated you about things in life. I am terribly sorry for not updating because I am currently busy about things so far. But that is not to worry. I am back now and I promise that I won't leave you guys out anymore. I hope.. Ha ha. I will try to keep my promises because I am not sure when I would be using my laptop again. SO... to make it up to you guys out there... (looking around to see if you are still there) I am going to post things about what I have learnt so far while I was away and busying myself away with the things that I had been doing.