Monday, 21 November 2011

what is going on?

Don't tell me everything is fine
Don't say it is ok
Don't comfort me at all
Don't try to make me feel better
When everything is just being more confusing

Everything is going normal
Everything is going to be fine
Do you really think so?
Then start looking at the things around you and think again!

Things might be fine
But there are something behind those walls
Secrets behind every country
Layers of earth washed away

By the time you read this
It might be too late to do something about it
Because it should be done earlier
And we cant go back in time

We can't regret on what we have done
We can't reverse everything that was done
There is nothing left to do
But think of ways to make the world last longer

Friday, 18 November 2011

Hello and Goodbye..

On the day I arrive to this place,
I see your beautiful and wise smile.
Your warm embrace make me feel welcomed.
You treated me well like the others.
More or less everyone is the same.

It is you who make me feel comfortable,
It is you who belive that I can
It is you who help me when I am down,
It is you who supports me all the way
It is you who cared when no one does.
When I am down,
You lift me up
When I grumble,
You listen to me silently

In patience you treat me.
With love you cared
In times of loneliness you're there
Meomories of happiness we share

The burden we divide,
The smile we multiply,
The pain we minus
The trust we plus.

Now we say goodbye,
When we met we say hello
Between the departing, we cry
During the meeting, we laugh.

Together we hate goodbyes
Together we love hellos
Together we prefer conversations
Rather than wishes for life

We shared lots of bondage
We shed lots of tears.
We laughed until your stomach burst
We cried till our tears dried

We knew there is going to be an end
For there is a begining there is always an end
There is a day and there is a night
So there is a hello and there is a goodbye.

Monday, 14 November 2011

National exams

Hey people all around the world! How have you been all these while? I realize that there are lesser people looking at the blog and i am starting to get nervous and wondering why. Well, first of all, I will have to apologize to those who are expecting something more interesting fro this blog. i know that i must have hurt most of you but we have to face the fact. recently, my friends who are 17 years old are taking National exams.

In Malaysia we call it the SPM exams. It is different from any other exams. They have their test from today till the next month. Their whole month is occupied and they are going to be very busy. So i will like to wish those of you who are having SPM exams in Malaysia good luck and best wishes all the way.

My friends, i have a poem to share with you today. It is by David Perez. I find t quite interesting and wonderful. It shows how lonely a person can be and how hunger are around the world. We should really start to appreciate the food that we have in front of us. Appreciate how much food we have to fill our stomach and not take them for granted. There are people around the world who are really poor and hungry. They have nothing to eat.

Some of them even desperately eat grass because of what hunger can make one person become. Others drinks mud water to quench their thirst. Well here it is:

The buildings are empty
and their clocks have stopped
Somewhere there's a banquet
where people gorge themselves
and keep getting thinner
Maggots are laughing at us
berries are allocating
more resources to thorns
We are stranded
on our own rooftops
So thirsty,
we pray for floods
There are still things i want to say
before I reach for the hand closest to mine
and watch the fires with a secret glee
One of these things is
thank you for listening to me
scream into the air
and calling it wind
Another is
please do not leave - David Perez

It is wonderfully shared by a friend of mine called Roger Klotz.
After he shared with me this poem I have a lot of awareness. He showed me how things are different if you actually look at it from a different angle. The sentence, 'So thirsty, we pray for flood', emphasises how thirsty these people are until they wold pray for flood to come. It must have been a very dry season all year long until it never rains. It somehow reminded me of Cambodia, where there is only wo seasons. Dry season and Wet season. Well that's it for tonight. I still have my story to finish and a name to give it. It is going to be finished by the end of this year and i will try to find a plce to publish it.

Friday, 11 November 2011


For some people it isn't a special day. it is like a normal day to them. For lots of people it is a very special day because it is a day that only happens in a thousand year. For me and my family, it is both special and normal. Because it is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary and it is also a very memorable day for the whole family. Today is the day we cheerish and remember. The day when we remember back then how things were like. Ahh...

Sweet memories long gone.
Placed deep in our minds for us to remember.
Nothing to regret,
Nothing to forget
For they are etced forever in our head.

Look back and we see the roads we'd been
Those rocky and dangerous roads we've past
Look straight and there are still roads in front of us
Challenges, Fears, Traps and Smooth,
Our journey had just begun my friend
For there is more to come.

Visions, Intentions, Purposes
Each has a passion driving us forward
Each needs clearity to clear the road
It is always within us
We just have to find it

Life can be a rocky road up ahead
It is a bumpy ride on th way
So buckle up your seatbelts
Otherwise you will be left behind
And you will have to find your way again.

Monday, 7 November 2011


I am glad that through out this year, I had met with amaizing people in my life. They are like walls to my roof. They help me when I am down. They are my back ups when I need one. They are there when I need them. And what more to say is that, they influence me a lot. They are great people.

Everyone around us are great and amizing people. We can get to learn things from one another. It is always good to surround yourself with people that can teach you and guide you. There is a saying that 'once the student is ready, the teacher is there'. And it is true. I never seem to understand this until I met with Mr. Tom Cumming, my english teacher. To me, he is the greatest teacher I have ever seen in my life.

It turns out that he is the teacher and I am the student. I am ready at all times but the teacher is not there. Now, I am really ready and the teacher is there for me. He is patient enough to my mistakes. He always guides me in my English writings. He is also kind enough to proofread my novel for me. He knows what my mistakes are and he will always remind me with the same two words. "Verb tenses".

Through him, I learn how to be really patient in work and how to slow down. And I really am glad and lucky to one of his lucky students. He is a teacher who teaches from countries to countries. This year is going to be his last year teaching and then he is moving back to his hometown New Zealand.

He always guides me in my studies and makes sure that I don't get much mistakes. He even told me to be aware on my verb tenses and I will be having good results in the end of the day. which turns out that he is right. By now, I can write such nice things all because of him. My english teacher. My most favourite teacher in the whole world. I dont think I can have any other better english teacher better than him.

He is can be a funny teacher. When he is angry, he has to know that he is fierce. When he is funny, he can tell all kinds of things that make a person laugh. When he is serious, he has an expression on his face showing people that he meant every word he says. It is very easy to read his face. He made all of us like him not only as a teacher but also as a friend. People like to be around with him all day long.

He is quick to understand at what level you are and teach you from the level you are in. I am sure that all of the students that he once taught are very lucky to have him as a teacher. The sad thing is that he is not teaching anymore but he promise me that he will still continue to proofread my books for me. With this, I hereby promise him and to all of you that when I get my book published it will all be no verb tenses wrong and my spellings are perfect.


This year, lots of changes had changed all through out the year. And most of the changes starts with me. Because I am the one who changes first so I can influence other people. If I don't change at all, then everything is still in square one. People say that they want to change the world or save the world, but they have to know that they have to change and save themselves first before other people.

This is how the world is. You change yourself and others will change with you. When you start to change people can feel your change and they will become the change with you. Same thing goes to your things in life. Things are stationaries. They cannot change on their own. They don't know how to change because they don't have hands and they are not a living thing.

WE are the change agents. WE change who we want to be. If those people doesn't change with us or choose not to change then it is up to them. Because they choose to be that. They don't want to change doesn't mean you don't have to change either. We all change. It is up to us whether we are changing to be better or worst.

Choice is in our hands. I made a quote saying that 'we are the leaders of our lives. WE are the one who change or else we get left behind.' I might not have gone through that but I am here sharing with you this is so that everyone who is reading this is ready to change their lives. If you aren't then it is your choice. If you say that you are not ready then it is up to you. Because you are the one who gets left behind with the past. I am just here to wake you up so you can wake up and stop waiting for someone to change your diapers for you.

Now I am being straightforward here because, i dont want you to be left behind with the others. i know that as a baby we have to wait for others to change our diapers for us and it is nothing to be ashamed of. we are all babies once. if you say that you werent a baby once then i am gonna say that you are out of your mind. we gone through the same thing. and from diapers we learn how to use the toilet. we learn how to clean ourselves. that is a big change. that is a big break-through. if we dont learn how to use the toilet, then we probably are still in diapers and the diaper company is going to be making tons of money already.

as we change into new things, we are also learning. that is why we have to grow. the reason we grow older is because we have to learn how to change somethings in life. we have to admit to ourselves that things are going to change sooner or later. if it doesnt then at least the time is changing. and people around you are changing too. in the future everything is changing and you are still left behind with the old fashion tv which only shows black and white screens and no colours.

you dont want that do you? of course not. everything has to change. EVERYTHING. remember this if you dont change, PEOPLE change, LIFE change, FRIENDS change, RELATIONSHIPS change, THINGS change, and you will be the only thing which is not changed and called RETARDED!

*p.s. dont feel offended, i dont mean to make you mad or sad. i apologize if i hurt your feelings. with all my heart i apologize.*

Let's get movin!

October comes to last and November comes next. At this time, some countries have the winter some have the summer. But in Malaysia, we have summer all year. Instead of snow, we see rain drops. Instead of Autumn we have cloudy days. Instead of spring we have windy days. November usually isn't my most favourite time of the year. Because at this time, you have to practice saying your goodbyes.

To your friends who are leaving to another place or country. To the people around you who are moving on. To your colleagues who are going to another position or even another office which distances the both of you. To your boss who made a success in another area and moving to that office. To your classmates who are moving to another school. To your close friends who are going off to another university or colledge which is different from you.

You see, time fly so fast and moments can just pass by you. If you are aware enough, you can notice how much things have changed. People around you, relationships between you and someone else, life, and so forth. Once time change, things change, life change, people change and eventually you have to change too.

It shows that it is time to move on and give things up which is holding you down or stopping you from growing. Sometimes, it is hard to say those goodbyes or wishes even though they are just words because you never know if you will ever meet again. Maybe ten years later or twenty years. No one knows. Because it is all in the future. We have to plan it ourselves on whether we want that future to be true or not.