Sunday, 31 July 2011

We all said we will but did we?

We all said that we will help out in the environmental issues but did we? Are we practising it? Or we are just saying it for our ownself only? Are we doing what we preach? The earth that we are living in is shared between men and animals. The universe is kind enough to share this land with us so generously. Yet what are we human being doing towards it? Nothing but only destroying the beauty of it.

What once was filled with colours blooming everywhere is nothing but dull colour now. What once filled in the big blue sky and twittering now is gone to darkness of mist and smog. What once swam about in the sea freely, now is no longer be found but rubbish. What once was thousands of green glittring pennies was now dried up into nothing.

Compare the beauty of what we have back then and now. Before all the environmental issues happened, we had such a beautiful place that we lived in. And now? We've got nothing but tecknologies that keeps on changing each and everyday. The things we have now is all from what we had back then.

Without plants, we can't grow. Without water, we can't live. It might sound very selfish that I am here talking to you on the behalf of nature which I love so much. I know that I ,myself , also am part of this. We are all part of it. So why aren't we doing something about it?

We said we will recycle, did we? We said we will not waste, do we do what we say? We said we will keep clean, did we? We said lots of things but did we do what we say? I'm sure some of us do, but some of us forgot. I'm not saying that I did what I said. Even I myself also tend to forget to do what I said before.

So people, how can we call ourseleves loyal when we didn't do what we say? How is it possilble that we are trustworthy if we did not keep our words or walk the talk? Can we start commiting that we will help to be more eco-friendly and sincerely mean it? Can we do and mean it? I am sure I can. Can you?

Friday, 29 July 2011

I miss you, but i don't know you...

You come to my mind again. You always appear so suddenly and go unknowingly. Sometimes I might even dream about you. Who are you exactly? How come I don’t know your name or anything and yet I always thought of you. Worst comes to worst, I miss you. Why so? How did you manage to do so? Why are you in my mind but not in others? Who are you to me?
Can I know exactly where do you come from? This isn’t the first time already. Why is it my mind that you choose to rest on? I never heard anyone talking about missing someone randomly or unknowingly. They always know who they are missing, why they are missing that person and all these questions have answers to them. Yet I am the one who is always stuck with you.

Is it just my illusions about you? Have you really ever existed? I remember once in my dream that when I was close enough to fall down you caught me. But when I turned around my dream stopped. I woke up because of my alarm ringing in my ears. I could hardly make out what exactly you look like.

If only my dream last a minute longer. If only my alarm rang a minute later. I could almost make out your body shape. But it just stopped there. It stopped. Why can’t you just appear in front of me already? Am I not ready to see who you are?

Everything is getting weirder and weirder… Please just tell me who you are already. For my curiosity of you will never end.. You are always in my mind for some reason but I just dont know what is it.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

I wont..

I wont forgive you.
No matter how many times you tried to apologise
No matter how hard you explained
I had enough already
So forget about it.

I won't remember you.
No matter how you come to me
No matter how much you tried
It's over now
So move on.

I won't please you.
No matter how much you influence me
No matter how guilty you feel
I had done my part
So go away

I won't make you proud
No matter how much you beg
No matter how much it cost
I did whatever I could
So face it

I won't save you
No matter how much it hurts
No matter how your deep your pain
I did it before but not anymore
So treat yourself or suffer like I did

Friday, 15 July 2011

What is... a book?

The book is a treasure chest
Filled with histories to newer generation

It is a bird that doesn’t fly away
Yet it has many wings

It is a Hollywood film
But it is written in papers

It is something that can
Bring us to another universe

It is a sleeping potion
Bringing people to sleep

It is a door to the world
For those who are ready for an adventure

Broken Heart

             Teenage                                                           love                      
         Comes                       and                               goes.                       Breaking
             young                                          hearts          apart                                               as
          it                                                           grows.                                                     Shattered
     hearts                                                                 are                                                      collected.
  This                                                              love                                                               doesn’t
     ends                                                     at                                                                           all  
         Young                                                lovers                                                      declares
                their                                                      love                                                   to
                       be                                        forever                                                 as
                               told.                       Then                                           fidelity
                                       is                          broken.                         There
                                             goes                      another             heart
                                                       is            being         broken
                                                             once     again    and

No more...

I want to forget you
But it’s impossible
What can I do?
I have done my best to forget

I know that I’m not worth your time
That’s why I want to just be friends
She deserves you more than I do.
You both look better together

The more I try to avoid
The more I wish to hide
Can I just be a mole?
So I can start digging my own hole

Why this feeling again?
Every time you are around
The more feelings I gain
The more I receive pain

Please come back no more
Let’s stop this fantasy of you and me
I know I might start crying
So please … don’t come back for me


Erasers are my best friend
On my table forever it rest
It is always patient towards me
And correct all my mistakes

Mechanical pencil is always kind
It is made with a heart
That it generously share with me
When it’s heart stop I will give it a refill

Pens bruises up exercise book
It is forever in pain.
Blue and black bruises from students
Because of the red strokes from teachers

Rulers made out of plastics or metals.
No one could lie through them in measuring things
They are forever accurate
They also informs if we are accurate

Scissors have metallic legs
They are like flashing blades
Snipping papers away in seconds
All under my command

I admit…

I admit I done my best
To try to impress you
I know I’m not worth it
I am nothing compared to you

I admit I lied to you
But that wasn’t what I intended to do
All I wanted to do
Was show you what I am capable of

I admit I’m not a good joker
Instead I’m a loner
Could I just see you smile
One minute or a while
I admit I want to make you proud
But it turned out to be other way around
I have done what I could do
Still I’m not good enough for you

An Emo Valentine

Valentine’s should be perfect,
But this year it is not,
You killed me instantly
And you took my soul away.

You brought me 13 roses.
But they were all dead.
You told me you’d love me
When they turned alive.
You said you want to break up.
Then you walked away,
You left me there crying
And didn’t turn back

My heart shattered
Into billions of pieces
It stopped its beating
The moment you walked away.
 You do realize you killed me
And you left a deep scar
So deep that it hurt
The doctors could not heal.

My teacher

Wonderful teacher you were
Just like a preacher
Taught me right and wrong
And to be stubbornly strong

Won’t know verb tense
Or the word sense
Without you there all the time
Your teachings are more precious than diamond

You taught me to smile
At least once in a while
Don’t be sad
And yet just be glad

I don’t mean to hurt you
But you could be a rooster
You told us when the bell rang
And made us all ran.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Life can be

Life can be full of things,
Just like purposes,
Or some intention
It;s what you want it to be.

Life can be happy,
In every single moment,
Feeling of joy,
In the air we breathe.

Life can be magical,
Living in fantasy,
Fantasizing in a world,
That we always wanted.

Life can be challenging,
In every single moment,
Facing new things everyday,
Finding new ways.

Life can be about work,
Lots of things to deal with,
Deadlines are everywhere,
Every second counts.

Life can be amaizing,
Just like you and me,
How things were created,
And how this world was made.

Life can be organized,
In lots and lots of ways,
Just like the languages we speak,
But still we are the same.

Life can be full of opportunity,
Comes and goes away,
Brings us along if we catch it,
Leaves us behiknd if we don't.

Life can be wonderful,
Like everything around us,
Like this world that won't stop spinning,
All is a meant to be.

Life can be full of excitment,
Anytime, anywhere, anyhow,
Everything has it's excitment,
In the ways we see it.

Life can be anything,
But never boring,
Because it is just full,
Depends how we choose to look at it.

It's over.

Time goes so slow,
As i watched Oprah's show.
I got bored and watched the moon glow,
Then my phone rang it was from you, Mario(fake name).

You told me today is my best day!
Then i replied you the same way,
I wondered that it was a beautiful day,
So why waste it away?

You asked if I want to come over,
And have a sleepover,
I told you I'll ask my mother,
She said yes, so i went when the shows over.

We had such fun that night,
Outside the stars were so bright,
We switched off the light,
And enjoy the view of the moonlight.

Everything was so perfect,
When the timing was correct,
You declared your feelings for me direct.
I went shock instead.

You asked me to be yours forever,
Foolish I was to believe we would last forever
Until I saw you with another,
You tried to explain when you saw me over and over.
I'm sorry, I'm tired it's over.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Looking at a different perspective

I am not sure if you all ever tried this but I guess I am going to share with you about it. The title of this posting is "Looking at a different perspective" is because I believe that when you look at things from a different view everything looks very different. The feeling is different, the experience and lots more changes.

When you only look things from one point of view then you can't see what is "the beyond". It is actually like creating a fog or a mist that blinds you from what is actually going on. You are only concentrating on what is in front of you and you don't see the "otherwise".

But when you look at things from a different view, you can see what is actually going on. You can feel the difference between your view and what other people see. Not saying that we look on a different view to judge yourself or others, but if you do see things that is different then it is time for you to be aware of what is around you.

Some people might say that "I have a wonderful day." You might say that it is true if you believe that person or not true if you don't. But you haven't been at that place to experience what that person had so you can't say that the particular person did or didn't have a wonderful day.

When you look from his point of view of what he has done and what the definition of his "wonderful day" means then you can say that it is a wonderful day or not. But saying that it is wonderful is up to that person to say. Because it is his experience and it is something worth to be mentioned as wonderful towards him or her.