Sunday, 28 May 2017

Surviving The Storm

Surviving The Storm: We are hosting our first TEDx event on the theme of Surviving the Storm an aim to gain insights towards different perspectives to learn and grow positively which helps leave a mark and start a trend t

Saturday, 25 October 2014

My first independent birthday, my last 18th birthday.

This year is my 18th birthday. And this year is the year where I have my first independent birthday. I say it is independent because it is my first birthday on my own. No one celebrates with me because no one is around to celebrate with me. 

But then I gave it a second thought and what I thought is that 18 means I am legal adult. Means that I am a young adult now. I have to take care of myself. I have to know how to be independent. 

So I thank universe for giving me this birthday where I live a day of my own birthday alone.
I thank universe for giving me a chance to be 18 years old. 
I thank universe for giving me days ahead of me to meet the second, the next hour, day, minute, week, month and year. 
I thank universe for being kind to me and letting me to live a new year. 

A new age, a new shade. 
A new year, a new face.
A new me, a new you. 
A new chapter, a new life. 

Thank you, universe and all of you that existed, past, and stayed in my life.
Thank you, for the lessons you teach and taught me. 
Thank you, for being there for me.
Thank you, for letting me see the world in another view. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I am doing drawing requests


I am doing drawing requests from anyone and anywhere and anytime. Lol.

I am doing drawing requests to practice my drawing and maybe one day I can be a freelancer when I am a pro in this field. Drawing is my hobby so why not earn something from it right?


I only, and only, do black and white drawings. As you already can see from my other drawings they are black and white. Maybe I will put some here of my recent ones so you can have another think about requesting for a drawing.

My goal for drawing is to make people feel like they are part of the art world and I want to make people think they can feel the art literally. Like it is so real it does not require imaginations to admire the art. I don't want people to feel the barrier between the art world and the human world. I want people to feel a part of it, you see?

So, contact me  me if you wish to request for a drawing.

Monday, 1 September 2014

When I die

When I die, don't bury me in the ground.
For after some time, 
you would be talking to 
bones and an empty casket. 
That would be very saddening and boring 
At the same time. So don't.

When I die, don't cremate me. 
Because you would be talking 
to an urn with white powder 
of what I once was. So don't.

When I die, don't let me flow into the rivers. 
It would smell very bad. 
don't want that to happen 
to the river. So don't. 

When I die, don't preserve my body. 
It would only be a container of 
what once contained my soul. 
Not me.So don't.

When I die, and since u don't know
what to do with me. 
Celebrate my life. 
Remember my name.
Cherish our times.
Bury me nowhere but in your heart.
Because that's where I belong.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lil taste in carbs

Okay so, I had a lil experiment myself tonight (which is morning in the west side). The doctors said that long term of protein (meat) and fiber (veggies) is not good for the kidney even though it is good for the weight. I am not suggesting you guys to do protein and fiber all the way just to get that "weight". What I am saying is that you need carbs as well to get your energy for the day.

I am an Asian and considered to be stereo typically can't go without carbs which is in the rice I can go without for a very long time and fine with it. And I recently am going back to eating my carbs and I have a problem. I don't really like eating rice unless I am REALLY hungry. Which means that most of the time I have my meal I am not that hungry. Just need to fill up my stomach for energy.

So! To my point and why I posted this.

I was steaming my rice (cause I don't cook it in a big portion that is when you use a rice cooker for that), I decided that plain o' rice is getting boring. So I took out some rosemary and thyme and sprinkle it on top of the water (which is supposed to be at least half the tip of your fore finger). I left it for about 15 minutes (which depends on the proportion that you have) and voila.

Although the herbs are like stuck together into one blob on the rice, and I'm kinda a perfectionist in arts, but it's fine with me. It tasted rather like you are eating the smell of the herbs instead of eating it, that's cause my herbs are not enough.

I would have used basil or bay leaf instead if I still had them but they run out. So yeah, give it a try. Maybe the first time you would instantly fall in love with it or maybe you won't which also takes time cause trial and error makes perfect sometimes.

Give it a try. Maybe you'll find other herbs that works with rice better than I do. Oh and not to mention, herbs meaning that herbs you have, herbs you are willing to give a try or herbs that you like.

So yeah.

Kindest Regards,

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I have a snail.

Yes, a snail. Like a snail snail.

I found it on the floor of my living room today. I can't pick it (cause you know snail can be male and female, IF I am not wrong) and it's practically so dry to the sense that the snail can't really move very easily. But my floor tiles are smooth so it is easier for it to move.

And I was watching it cause it kinda like don't do much at all when I placed it in a small container as it's home, it likes to move around a lot. It kept crawling around the container and out of the container. There was a drop of water on the outside and he suck it up. For a moment I thought snails don't drink  water. Well, illusion broken. So I thought 'hey, maybe it is very thirsty that's why it came in to ask for water to drink'. Yeah, that's me and my imagination.

So I got it a small cup of water, and it submerged itself into the water. I told it not to get it there and it just did. It's eyes were closing and opening inside the water. That moment I thought if snail's eyes are sensitive as us. Like their eyes can't be in contact of water as well. But maybe that's just this species. Maybe. Then it got out of the water and it's all slimy again. I guess he went in to get literally hydrated.

I call it "niu-niu" while "niu" actually means cow in Chinese. The reason I called it "niu-niu" (or 牛牛) in Chinese is because in Chinese snail is called 蜗牛。(wo-niu) And I don't know if it is a guy or a girl or both so yeah. Niu-Niu it is as I supposed.

He slept at the outside of the container. Just hangin' there and sleepin'. I wanted to put it inside the container to sleep but it resisted. It was actually stuck there (in my point of view) but then I realized he just wanted to hang there and sleep.

Well, cheerios! Niu-Niu is still sleeping. Shhh...

kindest Regards,

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lessons As Promised

Hey guys, just so you know, as I promised I posted lessons on the side which is under the label Lessons. Feel free to look over for some lessons!

I know I just posted one. But I am working on my schedule to get other lessons up and ready for you guys to read as well! So please give me some time and don't lose hope on me. I will post as soon as I got the time. But it also takes the kind of inspiration to write the lessons and elaborate them so that you and I understand it in a deeper level other than just knowing what the lessons are.

So Cheerios, I will post when I can. Which might be after my May exam. So yeah, Have a nice day/afternoon/night!

Kindest Regards,
Mabel Ngu

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sorry not sorry.

I am not sorry for not having the perfect figure.
I am not sorry for not being smart enough.
I am not sorry for not being vulnerable and not strong enough at situations.

I am not sorry that I cry at times when I don't know what to do.
I am not sorry that I don't know what I am doing sometimes.
I am not sorry that I have hard times remembering things.

I am sorry for you because you are missing out the best part of me.
I am sorry for you because you don't even know who I am.
I am sorry for you because you can't be you.

I am sorry that you can't understand my jokes.
I am sorry that you never stopped down your tracks and enjoy life as it is.
I am sorry that you have hard time knowing what I am talking about.

At least, I get to be my authentic self in my everyday life.
At least, I get to be with myself once in a while.
At least, I get to be the one remembering the memories I created.

At least, I know that most of the time I don't regret my choices.
At least, I don't look back at my past and curse at it.
At least, I realize that life is a beautiful thing instead of trying to end it.

At least, I have known how to live my life.
At least, I have days before me that I can remember what I have done.
At least, I have made someone laugh each day of my life.

At least, I understand that I have a purpose in life.
At least, I understand that choices are what brings me here.
At least, I understand that by posting this post I am teaching a lesson that only some of which will understand.