Saturday, 25 October 2014

My first independent birthday, my last 18th birthday.

This year is my 18th birthday. And this year is the year where I have my first independent birthday. I say it is independent because it is my first birthday on my own. No one celebrates with me because no one is around to celebrate with me. 

But then I gave it a second thought and what I thought is that 18 means I am legal adult. Means that I am a young adult now. I have to take care of myself. I have to know how to be independent. 

So I thank universe for giving me this birthday where I live a day of my own birthday alone.
I thank universe for giving me a chance to be 18 years old. 
I thank universe for giving me days ahead of me to meet the second, the next hour, day, minute, week, month and year. 
I thank universe for being kind to me and letting me to live a new year. 

A new age, a new shade. 
A new year, a new face.
A new me, a new you. 
A new chapter, a new life. 

Thank you, universe and all of you that existed, past, and stayed in my life.
Thank you, for the lessons you teach and taught me. 
Thank you, for being there for me.
Thank you, for letting me see the world in another view.