Thursday, 27 September 2012

Make a difference

It takes one to make an action,
Two to make a rumour,
Three to make a story,
Four to create a history.
I’m sure that none of you have heard of that before because it was never said or it had been said by someone just in other ways.
My bio-economic teacher always tells us that it takes one to make an action. But I always ask him how it is possible? We are just students; no one will listen to us. He would reply “It takes one to make a difference, Mabel”. Mr Alex, if you are reading this which I highly doubt you would be hehe, this is for you and everyone out there.
Are you all familiar with the woman who jumped in front of a horse to get a right to vote? Well, partially it came from there. OK... Let’s be honest, the inspiration is from her and my ‘the great Mr. Alex’ teacher.
I always have a thought that how come people never listen to us for we are the new generation and we are going to take over the world after those people out there that rules the world now? We have the right to speak and tell the world what we are thinking about don’t we? Then why is no one listening to us for what we have to say? Ironic, eh? If you don’t listen to us now, when are you going to listen to our voices? You are going to have to listen to us sooner or later.  So why not now? We have things that we want to voice out but no one is willing to listen. Why? Just because we are not experienced as you are?
Yes we may be innocent to the world out there. We may not read the news or know what is going on but we do know that this world is corrupting. Not economically or about the money. But generally speaking, this world is sick already. Why is no one thinking about this? Our ideas or call out to you may sound like a mosquito at night ringing in your ear, but please at least just give our words a thought.
I am writing this post not to tell you that we teenagers like to get your full attention on us 24-7 or something. Even though some of us might, but I am writing this post to tell you all that we as teenagers also have the leadership potential inside of us. If you don’t let us speak out what we see or am aware of which you don’t? Let us remind you of what we are missing out in this world. Let us help you change the world, if you may, we are the future, and so shouldn’t we be heard as well than those who are heard all the time?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Be proud of who you are

Just like how the title says it. “Be proud of who you are”. I got this inspiration from Eminem. There is a song which I think in the lyrics it has something to do with this. So Eminem fans out there, I think you might know it or if you don’t then you might want to go back and try listening to his lyrics when he is rapping…

No matter whom you are or what is it that you do, you have to stand tall with your heads up high and be proud of what you are. ‘Cause there is no other you in this world anymore. We live to be ourselves. Not to impress or please others to their pleasure. We don’t have to be like someone else and end up not knowing who we are at all because if you do that, you might lose yourself.

When you pretend to be like someone else, you are actually putting on a mask of someone else’s live on you. You are living your life for them not yourself. And who on earth would want to do such a thing? I admit I have done it before. It was awful. I mean it. I had been down there myself living my life as someone else but then I have come to resurface and know that this is not me. This is not who I am. I don’t want to be like them. I want to be me. Because I am given a life to make my own choices on which I can get to make my own future so why do I have to go under someone else’s shoes and live my life in their way?

We may think that someone else has a better life than we do but we do not know better. Maybe they are living their lives under shades? We don’t know what they have gone through. They may have had hard times and we don’t know what it is. Taking them as a role model or inspiration is fine but don’t live your life for them. We all are given a life that is free for us to make our own choices and have our own rights in our choices. Make the right choice and be proud of it.


Monday, 24 September 2012

It's worth a try

If you never try to do something about life, how would you know that it is worth a try or not?
If you never try to meet success, how would you know if you might succeed or fail in the end?
If you never try to make a conversation, how would you know if it might turn out to be the most memorable conversation you ever had?
If you never try to actually stand up for yourself and others to say what you want, how would you know that if you have made a change?
IF you never try to do something new and step out of your comfort zone how would you know if you are going to learn something new from it?
If you never try to take a leap of faith, how would you know that you are going to get it in the end?
IF you never go and try to climb that mountain, how would you know the air up above is fresh and clean?
If you never try to embrace change how would you know if you will like that change and make a comfort zone out of it?
See? Everything has to be tried before you know it. If you don’t try you will never know. If you try and you know it then you might at least tell yourself that you have tried doing it before and how you think about it. When you never try to do something about life, you will never get to know the experience and the feeling of trying it. It may be necessary to do it instead of trying, but still, if you don’t try how you would know what is going to come out of it?
There is a saying from where I come from which is “You’ll never know if you never try.”  In Malaysian way we say “Never try never know, sekalie try then you know.” IT’s basically the same thing but just the Malaysian way of saying it. Yes, I know we Malaysian people have our funny way of speaking because we always mix languages together. That is why you have the Malaysia-English language.
Anyways, back to the title and enough of my Malaysian story… Ha ha... Everything is worth giving a shot. You never know what the outcome of the trying is or what the result could be like so everything is worth trying. BUT I am not saying that taking drugs and smoking or going against the law is worth trying. I mean they are some things that are worth trying and some things that you don’t even think that you want to try. Please do not misunderstand the message here.
Just think to yourself before trying or doing something. Is it worth it? Is all of the trying is worth doing it or it will just corrupt the future that you are going to have?

I'm irreplaceable

If you think that you can find someone like me again out there in the world, you're wrong.
If you think that someone else can replace me, you're wrong.
If you think that someone out there can make you feel the same way as I do, you're wrong.
If you think that there is going to be someone out there that care as much as I do, you're wrong.
If you think that someone else out there can treat you the same way as I do, you're wrong.

If you ever think of all of that about and more that has to relate to replacing me with someone else, you're wrong.

Why? Because I'M IRREPLACEABLE!!! You cannot replace me with someone else as if I am a toy that can be replaced when I am broken. No! No one else out there would care as much as I do to you! Why?! That would be very lame to ask as of to why... Because the probability of finding someone who care as much as I do out there, other than your family members, is very slim.

No one can actually replace someone else in this world. Why? OMG... If you do ask me that question I would seriously faint in front of you right now.. I mean, just think about it. Can someone else look the same like me or be like me even have the same life and same experiences like me at all out there? NO!!! Obviously not! No one can be me. Because there is only one me in this world and there is no other me that you can find out there. Unless, I have a twin (which I do not have) out there living but even if I do, I don't think she is going to be the same as I am. Even twins can be identical, you know what I mean? Even twins think different things. Talking about twins, not even quadruplets (if that is how you spell it...) think differently, hence everyone is unique and different.

So if you think that you can go out there and find someone like me, you are completely out of your mind. Because there is no other me in this world that you can find.

I'm unique and different. Irreplaceable. Get what I mean?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

When something is lost

When something is lsot then you start to miss that certain thing.
When something is lost then you start to think about that certain thing.
When something is lost then you start to mourn over it's lost.
When something is lost then you start to remember the times when you take it for granted.

Human beings act that way allthe time.They always wait until something is lost then they regret losing it. They never realize it's importance until it is gone. Even though it is jsut an eraser or a pen, it is still important for us. WIthout an eraser, we cannot erase our mistake. We cannot erase the word that we have written wrong. 

As a kid, I always take my erasers for granted. I know that if I lost it I can still find it or get it again from home or buy it from a retail shop. But when I lost it in the exam time, I realize that I coldn't rub off the mistake I made. Instead I cross the mistake out and create an ugly image and working on my answer sheet. It was dirty and ugly. I promised not to ever lose my earser again. Uptill now, if I see an eraser lying around, I would take it and claim it as mine because clearly the owner doesn't wants it anymore and takes it for granted. So I might as well keep it for emergency use.

It is just like people in our lifes. We take them for granted. We thought that they would always be there. Until one day they are gone from our lives then we start to miss them and want them back. We always think that they are going to be there for us because they are out friends. They should/must be there for us 24/7. But people cannot be like that. They are not robots. They have lives too. They need a break from everything too eventually. So give them a break some time because not everyone is going to be there forever. Cheerish everyone around you for it may be the last time you get to see them.


Will you miss me when I'm gone?
Will you remember me when I'm gone?
Will you think about the tmemories we share when I'm gone?
Will you apply my advice into your life when I'm gone?

I'm not sure if you would cry over my absence,
Neither am I sure that you are going to miss me beside you
Will you?
That I don't know for sure

Have I influenced you enough to make you think
about me when I'm gone?
Have I done enough to make sure
that you are going to be fine when I'm gone?

My dear friend,
All these answers can only be answered by you
But will you walk the talk?
I don't know

Becuase only you will know what you will do.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My friend tells me that she is worrying about her Cambridge examination which is coming up soon enough in October. I ask her this "Why are you worrying about that when you have today to worry about?" She wants to answer back to me but can't find words to fight back or answer me. So she says "You know Mabel, sometimes I just hate you because you always say somethings that makes me unable to answer you."

I know that she is just joking with me. But still... think about it. Why do you worry about something that is in the future when you have so much to worry about now or today? There is a saying that says that "Worry is like a rocking chair. Sure it gets you moving but it gets you nowhere." I like that quote a lot but if I may... please let me expand.

You worry so much and you are going nowhere. Therefore, you start to slow down and think. When you think too much you worry more and get miserable. When you are miserable, you effect the people around you. Your environment goes miserable with you because you always show up in misery. Then you don't know why people don't make you happy at all. You start blaming or find reasons to blame or be angry at something. When you are angry you create rage and starts to hate people. What happens next? Well... Let's just say that you don't want to know cause it's not very pretty down there. It's a road that you don't want to go.

This is why peeps, why do you want to worry so much? It just keeps you at where you are. Nowhere. If you keep on worrying then you just don't know what to do and you get miserable and then you get the same circle all over again. So to live a better life... Don't worry at all and nothing bad will happen. When you worry, you are already attracting the negativity and the universe thinks that you want these negativity because you keep asking yourself questions about it and the universe thinks that you might want to know the answer so it gives you the negativity. LAW OF ATTRACTION PEEPS!! You should read the book sometime. It's interesting.

I got an "A"!!!

Hey guys! Guess what?! I got an A! Well.. not just any "A" but in literature. We are suppose to do an essay about the downfall of Macbeth. It was marked out of 25. And I got 20! I was the only one I guess to get an "A" in the class!! WOOTS!! How great is that?! It sort of builds my confidence in doing literature next year.

I forgot to mention that I am doing Cambridge International Examination IGCSE English Literature and English First Language next year. OMG I can't wait for next year. I just want to get this over with you know? The feeling that you just want to get something over with so you can get the burden out of your shoulder.

I know that after this I have to go to college and all that further studying but I am already so ready for it! I know that I might sound insane but I feel like going to college now. Despite being still innocent to the field that I am going to specify into but I just want to skip all of this and go to my university now.

I don't know what's going on with me but I just feel very motivated to get a scholarship next year at Taylor's in Perth then into UWA. My "so-called" university that is awaiting for my arrival. Ahh... *Deep sigh* I just want to join everyone there now and get this studying thing over with as soon as possible so I can just travel everywhere and heal or in other words research for dieases and cure people on the way of my trip around the world. My beautiful world, have patience for I am coming. Soon...

The fly

I'm sure that most of us had seen a housefly before now eh? Well, here's my sort of interesting story of a housefly.

I saw a housefly banging on the window... It seems like it wants to go out but it just keeps on banging on the window thinking that it could go out that way. At that moment, I thought the fly was rather stupid. Cause it just bangs on the window and it knows that it can't go out at all but it still keeps banging.

Then I thought again... Why did it did so? Why didn't it try another way out. Then I thought that it could be that the fly is not giving up on what it thinks is the solution or the way out. Or maybe it is just practicing what it has learnt. The way out is the way in.

Somehow, I know it sounds ridiculous but it applys to us in life. Sometimes, when you get into a trouble... the only way out is the way in. How did you get yourself in is the way you get yourself out. However, sometimes, it doesn't work. So... when it doesn't work, we should always by all means. TRY ANOTHER WAY OUT! We can't always keep doing the same mistake if we know that it is going nowhere at all now can we? So peeps... we should try another way if the way we are trying is wrong. I hope you get my message tonight. See ya'll!

BUT before I end... let me continue the story of what happen to the fly next...

I stare at the fly waiting for it to go somewhere else to get out of the place. But it didn't. So... What did I do? Did I kill it or open the window for it to go out?

I waited for a few more seconds. Then I thought to myself. This life of the fly is in my hands. I can choose to let to fly away or kill it right there and then. IF I let it fly away... It might come back again. IF I kill it, it's family will be upset and mourn over it. REMEMBER!!! FLY HAS A FAMILY ON IT''S OWN TOO! It also have feelings. IF I kill it, it's generation might be gone too.. And that effects the food chain. SO I just let it fly away. Okay, that's the end of the fly. Time to go now. Bye!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

War and after

When people were fighting out in the war,
I was in my home keeping my silence.
When lightning stiked and thunders roar,
I stay indoors as if nothing happens,
Thousands and thousands of lives taken,
And here I am still writing this poem.
Innovent lives since then had not risen.
Families mourned as funerals made for them,
We know the painful truth they're not coming back.
Only the sacred ones came back from the contention.
Everyone who came back was carrying a bag.
Which contained their properties from the corruption.
LIttle did I know that my man also went.
I saw him with that bag, I just stood and wept.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

You don't deserve this.

         "You don't deserve this. You don't deserve all of this."

In life, some people are treated like they don't deserve anything good in life at all. Those people are like the people who got bullied or judged or being abused. For example, typically the nerds get bullied for some reasons jsut because they look weak or something. I don't know for sure if it is true but just stereotypically they are bullied.

Most of the time, people tend to think that they are just weaklings that can be pushed around and make fun out of them because it is funny. Have you ever asked yourself how would it be like if it was you? How does it feels like being humuliated? Do you like getting bullied yourself? I'm sure you don't too don't you? Then why do it to innocent people who just wants to be left alone and live for goodness sake?!

What? SCHOOL is not a place for bullying people. I'm not saying that you can bully out of school. Uh,uh. No, NO. NO! Nowhere is a place where bullying is allowed. I know that some of you think that it is for fun, pleasure, a little tease. Or maybe you were treated that way and you want to know how it feels like to bully others. You get used to it already and it becomes part of you like a drug for you.

I've read somewhere about an a true real life story where the bully in the end ends up hurt and the nerd was the one who helps the bully instead. Why? Because he was freaking kind enough to. The nerd did not laugh back at the bully because he thought that he has deserved enough already. All the friends that the bully has does not even comes to visit him. Not once, certainly NOT EVER!

And you think that bullying is cool and raises your reputation? Well, guess what? You might wanna think again who is the one who's gonna help you out in the end. It might not happen to you but it might happen in the other way. Somehow, somewhere, someday. I belive that karma is waiting for you to come so it can kiss your @$$ with catcus or something to make you wake up and remember about this post I am posting about. This is not a threat bullies. This is a warning. Whatever you are doing now are just the beginning of the journey for some @$$-kicking time which is going to be so hurt you are going to beg for your life. It may not happen like the way. Remember, YOU ARE WARNED FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ATTRACTING WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

Don't judge me!

Don't judge people!!!

Don't ever judge people when you know absoulutley nothing about them at all. I mean like people these days just takes one look at you and start judging you by the way you wear, talk, or even act ; worst case scenario they judge you by what you eat or read. They like to judge people even though they don't even talk to them. Don't you think that is too childish?

I mean think about it? You are never in their shoes. You don't know how much they have gone through to get to where they are now. You don't know what they have gone through to make them be like this. You don't know how their life was before at all. And you don't even care to know. SO why in the world judge someone who you don't even make an effort to talk to so much when you yourself is also not perfect at all?

"Judge me only when you have been in my shoes and tell me if you can be little miss/mister perfect" - Mabel.

Second Chances

Sometimes, I sit and wonder why does some people gets second chances in life. And today, I just so happen to realise why. If you want to know, which of course you do that is why you are reading this post, I'll tell you.

It's quite simple actually. It is because the person who is giving you second chances is giving you a chance to change. To know your own mistakes and to learn from it. To understand what you have done wrong and outgrow from the mistake.

If everyone is not given a second chance then they won't know what they did wrong. In fact, they will never know. Why? Because no one is given a second chance to know their mistakes. Then there will be no babies or human beings on earth. Why? Because where there is no second chance that means that perfection is reached. Everyone is perfect.

Now, I'm not saying that no one is perfect but no one CAN be perfect. We are all perfect because there is no one else that are the same as us to compare who is perfect or not. Even if they are twins, they are still different in a way. It doesn't matter even if you are perfectly the same. Still, there is something inside of you that makes you unique and different about you.

 When everyone is given a second chance, they know their mistakes and might have the probablitly of not doing the mistake again. We never know if they are not going to do the mistake again. Now, I'm not saying that criminals don't need to go to jail because justice should be served. The kind of mistakes I am talking about here is that the mini mistakes that you can still turn around from. The small little mistakes that you can learn from.

Everyone makes mistakes. No one can be mistake-less from the start. Even geniuses also makes mistakes before they become geniuses. They need to learn the basics too! Like how to walk, run, jump.

And be appreciative when you are given a second chance. Why? Because that person who gives you second chance loves you enough to forgive you and let you learn from what you have done wrong. They also wish that you will change and not to do the same wrong thing again. Human mind are this sympathetic. They will at some point, forgive. Just some of them forget how to forget.