Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Today is the second time I went for a yoga sesssion. AND guess what??!!! I didn't really liked it.

At first, I thought yoga is supposed to be relaxed and make you feel calm and all that. But I was wrong. It was more of the opposite. OR maybe it was just me because I am not a very active person. And I don't do much stretching excercises.. =.= That sounds lame.. Cause teenagers my age supposed to be very active in everything like sports or hanging out. BUT me? If I have my computer, I have my world.

That sounds like some of you out there too huh? Well, if you are... You need some yoga too. Though I don't really like it but I suggest you go do some yoga NOW!!! Cause it is just the first few times you might feel like your muscles are sore and you don't feel like doing it the next day. But trust me. It is going to be a great outcome to you in the future.

Let's not wait until we are saying that we have some bad backs and spine problems to deal with it. We have to deal with it now!!! I know it is going to be very painful and all that whining and crying over a stretch of your muscle cause you just can't get the pose correct. While others can do it just fine and feel like it is easy.

So whomever that is out there, having a kind of life that is like me. Which is
------------------------>>>>>> Computer = World, World = Computer <<<<<<<---------------------------
You and I my friend, got some yoga to do. Don't whine just shine. I know you can do it. I am signing off here tonight. See ya next time. (>.^) *WInks*

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Think alike or not?

"Think alike like me and we can agree, think unlike me and we will never get anywhere."   -Mabel
Do you know why people take sides? It isn't because they are being bias to someone else. It isn't because they like that person more than the other. It isn't because they have a thing for that person. It certainly isn't because they think that the other is winning the conversation or the debate.
Do you even want to know why at all? The secret is they think alike. When some people are thinking like the same, they will always go to any level of conversation easily and talk together at the same way all the time.  When people think alike they can be ups and downs, high and low. Anywhere they go they are the same until they reached a point when they don't think the same and the other convice the other to be at the same level as them again.
Do you want to know how people succeed in business? This is their secret. The employer has a good relationship with their employees. Not the kind of realtionship that you and your very love one share, but then I mean that the kind of boss-employee relationship.
You have to allign your team before you do what your business is like. Before you think about opening your business, you have to make sure that everyone in your team is allign with the intention or what you are selling. The other thing is that you have to know what you are selling.
Service? Then ask yourself, what kind of service are you selling to the people? Who are you selling those service to? How are you going to sell your service? Are you ready for the questions that you are going to recieve? Are you ready to hear what they have to say about your service? Do you service sellers ever ask yourself that? Or do you just do what you are supposed to do so you get your salary in the end?
I may just be a normal student and I don't take business studies so I don't know much about business. BUT what I do know is that, if you want to success, know how to allign your team first. Know your intention behind everything before you start to do something.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

You're beautiful

You are beautiful do you know that? Do you know that you are beautiful because there is no one else to define what is beautiful. I don't know why some girls would say "Yeah, as if" when someone says that they are beautiful while someone else is like "Yeah, I know right?" Even though I am also like the one who says that "Yeah, as if" but I don't really do it all the times.

When I tell someone that they are beautiful in my area, they would say "Thank you." However, people from another country or place, they would say "Pfft, right." I mean like, why don't you want to be called beautiful? I really don't get it.. Everyone can be beautiful. There is no definition of real beauty because there is no one to compare your beauty. Even if you are a twin, your inner beauty is also different from him or her.

So people, when someone tells you that you are beautiful, just say "Thank you" because you are beautiful. No one is ugly. Everyone has their own beauty. Even if it is not really beautiful, you will always look beautiful to someone. Your family. Your true lover.

Monday, 4 March 2013

A new begining

Life always starts with a begining and ends with an end. But what is the begining? When is the end of everything? We never get to know when do we have a begining because we don't know when to call it a new begining. We don't have an end without a beginging so how do we know when do we end?: You get what I mean?

To be honest with you, without a begining there is no end. If you don't have a beginging, and you don't have an end... then where are you? Have you every asked yourself where you are now in life? Have you ever wondered?

I know that I am in the middle of life when I have to learn to be more independent and learn as much as I can to get a scholarship in order to save money and go to a nice university. But some people who are at my age still have no idea of what they are doing now. They are living their life like a puppet played by a puppeteer. But their puppeteer has not an idea of what they want to do with their puppet as well. So it is like a middle of nowhere...

Do you see where I am going with this post now? If you still don't know, then I would have to say that I am not so good in writing my posts and leading people blind.. Yeah, I do admit I am not good in telling people what I actually mean sometimes. But, I guess I should just go with the real message behind this whole post.

What I really want to say is that,
Are you clear of what you are doing? Do you know why are you doing so or is it because someone ask you to do it. Have you got any intentions for yourself in life? Have you sorted out what you want to do for your own life already? Or are you just limping around the place, without an idea of what is going on and just doing what people are telling you to do?