Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Birthday

My Birthdya passed just two days ago and I forgot to even update about it.. LOL.. Come to think of it, it wasn't like any other typical Sweet Sixteen party where you party with all your friends and drink till you're drunk or anything. Mine's rather peaceful and radical.

I had a birthday dinner with my family, then we go and buy some movies and watch it at home. It was supposed to be watching like a movie marathon but we ended up watching one movie only and went to sleep because we were all exhausted... =.="

But anyways, I had a great time with my family.

My friend got me like more than one present from one person. The day after the birthday, I was gifted two other presents. I then realized that my friends can only give me what I want, but my family is the one that gives me what I need in life. They are the ones that stayed the longest by my side ever since I was born. Due to the fact that I am the youngest in the family, so yeah, they are the ones that are always by my side when I needed them. So they will always provide me with things that I need all the time.

So, my choice of celebrating my sixteenth with my family was not a bad choice after all...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Am I important to you?

It seems to me that everytime you are around with her or someone else I have become someone else to you already. Someone that you think doesn't exsit. You act like you don't even care about me. I did all I can to let you know that I am here. I replied to you. I answered your question but did you say anything? NO! Why because you are too busy making yourself busy with her.

You seem to ignorant to remember that I exist in your life. I am the one who get you things when you needed it. And what did she do for you? NOTHING! What is it that she has that I don't? It seems that everytime she talks to you, she has your full attention but when I talk, you can't even hear me properly. You always ask me to repeat myself but you never ask her to repeat. WHY are you so unfair to me?

You always ask me why am I so furious with you. Why I am so mad. Why am I this. Why am I that. You say that you care for me but the truth is do you really care for me at all? Did you even hear my cry for you when I needed you most? No you didn't because you are so busy talking to her.

Somehow she is like a devil luring you away from me. How can you do this to me? Everytime she is around I have to stand back and not even have a word spoken across. Even if I can, you won't even listen to me at all. Because she is the one that has your attention. Even if she is just whispering, I suppose you can hear her clearer than you hear me.

Exams = Student War!!!

Yes, I know that it is exams time already but I am here to post up a blog for you guys.
Yes, I know that it sounds like I am very confident in my subject, which of course I am because it is Bahasa Malaysia only for tomorrow.
Yes, I know that it is very risky for not revising even at this moment but I just want to put up a blog to let you guys that I am still alive.

Students who are reading this and having test now... Get your guns (pens and pencils) ready and ammutations (erasers) prepared. Cause we are going to go to our own CIVIL WAR WITH THE TEACHERS!!!


Well, that's enough of motivation but all of you out there. Just do your best that you can for you know what grades you want to get and intend to get in the end of the day. *Which I do hope it is the best that you can get*

Don't say that "oh gawd I'm gonna fail..." / "Aiya surely die one la later" or even "Eh, later let me copy arh". As a Malaysian I know that most of us would do that because we are lazy to revise so we always depend on the clever ones to give us the answers in the end of the day. There is no such thing as free lunch. If you want a good result you're gonna have to deal with it and work hard for it.

I know that my english was really Malaysian english just now, because I am speaking from a Malaysian student point of view. I know what it is like so please lah people... Study for your own sake. I am sick of giving you free answers and becoming my "good" friend when exams is near. That is not a friend. That is just a "consumer" friend only. I am sick already. Don't come and ask me for answers when you don't even know how to do because I am not giving you any more answers.

And don't blame me in the end of the day because I have warned you.... Well, technically in a way I did. SO yeah... DON'T ASK FOR ANSWERS, CAUSE I AIN'T GIVIN' ANY AWAY!!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You again!

You came to my dreams again. This time you are rather different. Although you still have that thin, rosy lips but I could feel your skin. Your cheeks. I could almost see you but it was too dark. I could only managed to see shades of grey-ness around you. Why have you come back? Why now? What are you going to do to me? When is this never ending thoughts about you are going to end? All I could think of right now is you because you are here agian.

Why won't you show yourself? Why do you keep yourself so invinsible? Millions of why's formed in my head the morning when I had that dream of you again. Just why me? Of all the questions that I would like to ask you to answer me, I want you to answer me this first.

Why of all people you come for me? Is it coincidence or is it going to be just a dream?

I don't understand. In a dream you don't feel anything. But when it comes to you I can feel you.

The last time you came, I could feel your lips. This time around, I could feel your cheeks. You look beautiful. I don't know what words I could use to describe you but just that you are beautiful. I know you are a guy but it really is hard to find a word to describe you. I just couldn't find one word to describe your beauty properly. Sorry. But, please...

Just tell me who you are already! In all my dreams, only the ones that contains you are the ones that I can literally feel something. It sounds like realilty not a dream anymore when you come to me.

Show yourself and tell me who you are. Please.

Don't leave me hanging...