Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 last day...

Today is the last day of 2011. So, let's see. How have you all been through out this year? Any memorable achievements? Met someone that is very special in your life? Did something that is worth remembering? Had wonderful moments with your family? Spend magical times with your family?

Those are merely the questions I would ask myself if it is the last day of the year or month. Have i done what I need to do this month? Have I applied my best to everything I did this month? If not, will I improve it next time when I meet these kinds of things? How am I going to show up for next month if I think that I did not show up well this month?

Actually, for most people, they might think that the end of month is just another day. But it isn't for some other people. It is important somehow in a way that it could be a date whereby their deadline on something is closer? Or maybe for some women it is time to shop for more clothes;shopping spree again.

For me, the end of the year is very important. Because it is the day when I will have to say goodbye to the current year and say hello the next year. Some how this year pass by us very quickly doesn't it? One moment you might be at January, the next you are in July. How fast can time travel? Very fast. So don't waste time cause you can never buy back those times that you wished you had spent in a better way. If you think that you sorta regret this year,(gosh i hate the word regret but i am just going to put it once in here...) then think about it and start rethinking about how you are going to face it when it comes around again.

Think about it folks. Alright, that's that for tonight. Gonna go for family countdown tonight. See you in the morning or some other day my people. Love you all, unconditionally.



Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas to all of you around the world who are celebrating Christmas. Tonight is Christmas eve. So don't forget to tuck your kids or babies to sleep tonight parents, as their beloved Santa is coming tonight with gifts. I know that most of you think that Santa is not real, but he has given all of us wonderful gifts.

For pregnant mothers, Santa gives you a great gift as he given you a baby for you. This baby is going to be yours and yours to love. For fathers, mothers or going to be parents, he has given you a gift of a child. Someone to take care of you when you grow old. For kids, you get two kinds of presents. one is life another is a pair of parents who gave birth to you. For couples, he has given you someone who will love you forever. For children that doesn't believe in Santa, he gives you breath to breathe.

I know it might not make sense to most of you as, I, myself also don't believe in the existense of Santa Claus but it is celebrated worldwide for so centuries and I am writing it for the behalf of the elves at the Notrth Pole.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hehe, i am here.

Hey, guys. I'm sorry for not updating you all for a long time. I saw that the stats rate are kinda dropping so I'm starting to get worried. Well, how are you guys these days? I'm great here. How about you? I hope you are great like me because everyday is a new day and a new plan. Have you heard the song by Bryan Adams, Here I Am ? It is a wonderful song. I like the part when the line says It's a new day and a new plan. It really means that everyday is a new day and the past is gone. So we have to keep on moving otherwise we will be stuck in our past and old life.

Which is something that no one wants. Because the past is gone. it is in the history book already.. Unless, if you like digging up histories, but i am sure that no one loves history at all.. But the thing is that, whatever is gone can only live in memories. It can be good or bad memories. We can always choose to keep the happy memories and let go of the bad ones.

Memories can be magical, memorable, and meaningful. You can always fill yourself with joy by filling or creating meaningful moments with your family. Well, at least that is something tht i have been doing all these times if i werent posting on the blog.

Well, i also am looking for a publisher or a company to publish my books for me. and while i am doing that i am also writting another book. it is going to be a sad oine but it is going to be teary too. i hope i get my book published early so i can share with you all my book. and wish you all enjoy it.