Friday, 23 March 2012

How about us?

Every now and then people around the world is doing something. These things are such as: Making up a realtionship. Reading something off the newspaper. Watching the television. Eating. Sleeping. Dying. Walking in the park. Having a memorable time. Facing a challenge. And many others that I haven't stated. BUT have we ever thought about what about us? What are we doing? What are you doing? Other than breathing, circulating your blood, staying alive, reading this article. What are you doing? I know that you are reading this but there is a question behind this article.

Have you thought about your future? Have you thought about what you are going to do if you are dying? Have you thought about what difference you can make with the time you have? Have you thought about the people around you and how you can influence them better in a good way? Have ytou thought about changing the way you interact with the poeple around you if it is not good? Have you thought about what you are going to do for the rest of your life? The big question here is, have you ever, just ever give a single thought about what you can do for your future? And if there is something going wrong what can you do now to change the situation?

Let's be honest to ourselves here. You don't have to admit whether you did or didn't thought about it at all. You know the answer for those questions yourself deep inside you. There is no one there to say that "Hey, you have to think that way." or "No, you should have it this way otherwise..." You have to know that this is your life you are dealing with. No one can, have, could, will, would, or even had planned/ plan it for you. People may have plan it for you but you are the one to make the choice of you want it to be that way or not. If you just follow blindly on what people planned for you then, I am afraid to say that you are living your life for another person but not yourself.

If you did think about those questions before, I would be thanking God. Ha ha. What I mean is that if you did, it wouold be great. However, have you put it to action? If you dont realize, the future starts the next second, the next minute, the next hour, and whole lot of nexts. The present is now. The past is before. You have now to act on what you think about. You have now to wake up from the unawareness. You have now to see the world in a better view. All you have is now. Nothing more. You can have the future later. The past is gone already.

Never look back to the past and regret. The more time you waste on regreting, the lesser possibility of you moving forward. Regret to me is another definition of self- pity. At least, that is what it mean to me. To you, it might be a different thing. You only look back to realize the mistake you did and correct them by starting to do it differently from now on. Because like I said, you only have NOW. The future is later. Ever heard of a quotation of "The seed of the future starts from now"? It works like that. And I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you here.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Unique people

Have you ever noticed that people are always different from you? Always acting not like the way you want them to be? And you seem to always have something to talk about that person with your friends or someone that you want to create a conversation with? Have you ever realise why they are like that? Ever ask yourself why people are different from you? Well, the great and wise Mabel here can answer that for you.

The reason why people are different from you is because that is how they should be and how they are created or born to be. That is who they are and you can never change that. Because you are not the one who is playing God here. And to state the obvious you are not God. You don't get to choose how people look, act, laugh, talk, smile, breath, live and so on as the list goes on and on. YOU don't get to choose it because you are not them!

You are not them and never will be them. WHY? That will be the silliest question you might wanna ask because you are only given one life. You cannot go back to your mother's womb and be reborn again. NO, and that is just sick! You can only live your own precious life. No one else's but yours.

The truth about not bring able to control people's life is because if you do control them then everything will be under control and you can interpret what the other person is going to do in the next second or minute. Then there will be nothing to talk about anymore. You don't have to talk anymore and the world will be in complete silence because everyone knows what other wants.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chain messages

Chain messages. Heard of them before? Reposted them before? Read them before? Or are you the one who wrote them and started all the chain messages and spam about? Do you find them annoying when people post these chain messages on your photo or post as comments or on their wall post or maybe even yours? If you don't I would say "wow". Well, the truth is that many people like to post these kinds of "rubbish"(chain messages) on anywhere they can find.

I have no idea why. Either they are cowards or just because of peer pressure. Sometimes the chain messages can be ridiculous as "if you don't repost this chain messages, you will have 10 worst years of your life." Uh, Hello?? You don't need a chain message to tell you that you are going to have 10 worst years of your life. And it never does.

I mean think about it. If things don't work out, then find a way to make the best out of it! No one knows the future or can predict their future for the next few years unless you have a vision of what you are going to do and moviung towards it. No one can say that "oh, you are going to be in L.A. tomorow" and you will be there. NO! Things don't work that way. It only works when you work hard for it. Money dont fall out of the sky. Love doesn't appear in front of you in a second. You have to work hard to get it.

So, please people out there.. Stop the chain messages if you can by not reposting them or starting them for the matter. Reposting is bad enough. Starting them? Don't think about it. Enough said.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Truth or just another lie?

Tell me a truth, I may hurt for a while.
Tell me a lie, I will hurt for my whole lifetime.

Have you lied before? Let's be honest here. We all lied or lie, don't we? I mean unless you are a perfect human being that never lied before then it is great. But I am sure that most of us that is reading this lied. Or if you want to put it in other words it could be not keeping promises (or it is just my own definition so don't take it seriously). How do you feel when you lie or break a promise that you never intended to keep? Do you feel guilty in a way? Do you feel like you are betraying someone?

Or it happen to be the other way round whereby you are lied to by someone. Or someone lies to you to make you think otherwise. To distract you for some reasons. Like in the hospital the doctors tell you that you are going to be fine, the next thing you know, bam, you have a cancer of the stage with no returns. Sometimes, some people lie for a reason. To make you feel better about yourself. To make you think positive. To distract you from your condition at the moment. OR is it that because they know that you can't handle the truth and they lie to you to make you think otherwise.

Ok. I know it is very confusing to most of you because you don't understand what am I talking about and what it has to do with the title for this post. And it is very confusing that you are going to look at me as if I am speaking another language that you won't understand. Now, let me break that confusion of your and get to my point.

Lieing is just another form of escape. Telling yourself and other people that you are fine and you know that you are not. It is another way of hiding from yourself. Hiding from what is coming towards you. Stepping back and letting that thing just stop you from going somewhere else. Taking the long route to avoid that truth that can lead you to the straight road. Whereby in the end you realise that you are just walking in a big round and coming back to the same point where you have to face the truth.

You know why? Do you want to know why? It is because the truth never run away. It is still there. Clear as the blue sky and green as the leaves in summer. Like the sun it never sets until 12 hours of broad daylight is over and the moon rises. It is a fact that you have to learn to face and never hide from. Wherever you go, the truth is right there. Like it or not it will just stay where it is.

I am sure that you all are aware of the planet called Pluto that is outside in the space. The scientists claim that it is not part of the planet because it is too far away from the sun. But still it is there. It is like any other planet on earth. It never leaves the sun as the sun has a hold of it. Gravity of the sloar system if you ask me. You see, people run away from truth with lies because they don't want to get hurt.

Yes. I do agree that the truth hurts us all. Sometimes it hurts so must that literally kills someone. But no matter how much it hurts, we still have to learn to face it with courage and all our might. When we know the truth then we don't have to hide anymore. If it is something that should be known and let go then we should just let it go. Don't hold unto it so tight that you might even hold your own breath.

Truth hurts, But Lies hurts even more. Don't you know that? If you don't, then you better know that and that that into your mind right now. If you do, which I gladly wish you do, then hallelujah for you know that you have to face the truth rather than lieing to yourself and people around you about things.

Sometimes, when you tell a truth it can litterally save someone's life. Other times, for some odd reasons when you lie you save a life too. Ridiculous I would say. But if and when it comes to life and death you have to pick the better one. Because you don't want to die neither the other innocent person who's life in on a row.

Nowadays, some people are put into death row, accused of something or a huge crime that they never commited and sit there counting days. While the real person is out there enjoying life as you know it. So how can that be fair? I don't know how that can be fair, because if you are to ask me then I would have to say "You tell me." Wheter truth hurts as much, remember that lies hurts thousand more than the truth.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Quotes of life

Don't let things stop you from reaching your dreams or goals.
If it is something you want to be, do or have,
Let nothing stand in your way.
Do whatever it takes to get it.
Never let fear take over you,
Fight and stand your ground.
And never, ever give up.

Hey my loyal readers. How is it going with you guys around the world? Are you doing great? How is your studies for those who are studying and work for those who are working? In other words, how is life? I am pretty sure they are great aren't they. If not, mind if i ask why? Well, you don't really have to tell it if you don't want to but it is best if you tell it out to someone you can trust and someone you think can be a good listener beside you. A best friend. A lifetime partner. A boy or girlfriend. A group of colleagues. A pet, most probably. Or even better your parents, or family members. Someone you think that can give you the best advices or ideas of how to do things right when things go wrong.

Well, as you can see there is a quote above. I call it quote of life and this is what i am tittling my post tonight. On the first line I mentioned "Don't let things stop you from reaching your dreams or goals." Now when I mean "things" i mean all kinds of things. Obstacles, challenges, people, parents, family, friends, peers, teachers, anyone and anything by all means. When you have a dream or goal, it is important to reach for it. Because that is one of the reasons why we have dreams and goal in our lives. That is the reason why we have a brain to dream when we sleep. Dreams can be simple as learning how to bake a cake. It doesn't have to be big like becoming the CEO of Facebook company when you know it yourself that it is impossible. But you can change it to becoming part of the Facebook company. Reaching for our dreams is one of the way to fulfil our happiness inside. At least it works for me, though i am not sure about you. But it is one of the general way of keeping you going on. Something to keep you alive. Something to make you think that you have to live to reach for it no matter what it maybe.

The second line and the third one is connected. "If it is something you want to be, do or have, Let nothing stand in your way." You see, in life we all have our own individual challenges and fears and things to go through. We all have it. Even babies do, believe it or not. Their challenge is to get their parents attention 24/7. And as clever as babies can be they found their solution. IF they are not happy about something, they cry. IF they are hungry, they cry. IF they are hurt, they cry. IF they want your attention, they cry. SEE?! Babies can find their own way to do what ever they want. they only need to CRY. That is it. It is not hard and it is not easy either. Because they will have dry throats but thankfully they are feed with milk and water all the time so they never get sore throats. And we all have different kind of challenges too. Peer pressure, competition in the office, getting better grades and whatnot. We just have to find a way out of it and have no fear. Without fear, things can be overcome easily. Here I am going to share you something my cousin said and i really liked it. He says that "Fear is not doing something what people are afraid of. Fear is doing something that you are afraid of." Which i find it quite true as different people have different kinds of fear. For example, your relatives might be scared of spider and you are not. When you killed a spider, it doesn't mean that you are courageous. Yes, you may seem courageous to your relative but you are not to yourself. Because you are not afraid of it and never were.

Now, when i say "Do whatever it takes to get it." I do literally mean do whatever it takes to get it. If it is something that you want to do then do it. If it is worth doing it then do it. Why wait for someone to pull you down when you are almost there to fulfilment? Why wait there when your happiness is just right in front of you? Just reach out your hands and grab it. I know it may sound easier than said but once again, you have to work for it too. If you don't work hard for it then no point waiting for it to come to you. You don;t wait for success to come and get you. Success is the one that waits for you. If you don't have much time left then what are you waiting for? For the time to really stop and let you walk towards it? NO. Nothing in this world waits for someone or something that is not worth waiting for.  Opportunities comes and goes like thew wind blows. When it will come no one knows. When it will go no one knows. Where will it come from? Also no one knows. So don't wait around for things to happen. Do something to make sure that the dream is right in front of you.

"Never let fear take over you, Fight and stand your ground." I guess i need not tell you anymore about what i mean here do i? Well, i guess i do. If you don't want fear to ever come to you then love. Love is the only solution to fear. With love, all is peace. With love, there will be no war. With love, there will be hope. WITH LOVE, THERE SHALL BE NO FEAR. And i pray you all remember that. Because the words in CAPS there are my motto. I wish you all can remember that. How to get love? Love yourself first. When you learn how to love yourself, love will eventually come to you. When you don't know how to love yourself then let's just say that at least your relatives, families and friends love you. Unconditionally, as in without expecting any love back to you or them. When you care for somebody without expecting a return of care, you are loving unconditionally already. See. It is just that easy. Love but with no expectations.

 "And never ever give up." OK, here is something that I want to tell you about my name. You see, my first name is Mabel. and my family or last name is Ngu. Do you know what ngu means? It is a short form of "NEVER GIVE UP" Get it? SO whenever i look at my family, i always have a feeling that our family is very strong as we never give up. IF my family are practising that? I don't know but i am very sure that they never give up in life. Which is something that every one should do. We may give up on certain things but never give up on life as it is the most important thing in our life. Without life itself, we cannot live anymore. Appreciate life as we have it because they are many people that deserves, desires, longs, wish and all kinds o expression in the dictionary that should be used or shall i say WANT to live or have a life. Not life itself, but life as able to breath is enough for them already. If you don't want a life, have you ever thought about your mother who held you in her womb for 10 months just to bring you to see this world that we have now? IF you ever want to waste you life away, then think about people around you that you have influenced. Don't you think they might miss you when you are gone? Even if they don't, one person gone from this world makes a lot of changes in at least 500 peoples lives. I have lost lots of friends and people (not to say that they are dead cause they are still alive) to say that it does affects a whole lot of people if one person is gone. So if you ever want to give up on life, think about others and stop being selfish for just one moment and you will realise that it is almost the whole world that you are affecting give or take.