Thursday, 25 April 2013

Key of happiness

Each and everyone of us holds the key of happiness inside of us. It is up to us where do we place the key of happiness or who do we give it to hold unto. It is best if we can just keep the key to ourself. That way we don't have to worry about who is controlling our happiness. This also can prevent ourselves from being negative all the time.

When we give others to hold onto our key of happiness, it clearly is putting expectations on others to make us happy. That means that we are depending on others to make us happy. This also gives others the advantage to make us feel something else other than happiness. It shows that others have the privillage to make you go down anytime. Because they get to pull out or take back the key from your heart and keep it in a safe.

It is best to keep it to ourselves. Why? This way, we don't have to worry about someone else taking it away from us. We don't have to depend on others to make us happy. We can be independent and be happy ourselves. We don't need someone to make us happy. Because being happy is a choice. We can choose to be happy anytime we want to be. We don't need someone to control our lives needless to say our emotions.

So, people out there! Where did you put your key? IF it is on someone else, why not take it back and be responsible for your own happiness? Don't let someone else control your emotion. We are the owner of our lives. So be the person to make yourself happy. And be the leader of your life! Be happy, Stay happy.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


This is My land.
This is Home.
I'm home.

And here come's the home coming touchdown.
The sound of the rumble
Tyres rocking on the railway.
Kissing the road repetitively
Waking all the sleeping creatures
Sky warm and tender.
Beautifully alliging with the land and sea

Just for me
My feet yet awaits to kiss the ground
That I once walked on

I wait.
Waiting for it all to come to an end

When it did,
I take in my first breath
Of the air.
Of my air
Oh, my homeland air.
Hush. Listen now!
The wind is calling my name
It's telling me
"Welcome home"

The sunset does its acting cue
Putting it's best glow to show
It's gratitude for me
My return
Happy that I've finally come home.
To where I belong
Like it had always been
For ages and ages
And now, I am

Wednesday, 17 April 2013



Have you heard of the recent H7N9 bird flu in China? Well, it is actually because of the spraying of a kind of cleaning detergent or something on the cages and the chickens happened to be the victims of it. Now the whole China doesn't eat poultry at all. Why? Because it is not healthy anymore.

Though we chinese people eat loads of protein from chickens and ducks but it seems like the business of poultry is going down. And therefore, we all have to become vegetarians soon. As you can see there is a new virus called H7N9 is developing. And it is developing really fast!! SO please becareful of what you are eating.

Although the frozen ones are still on sale, but it is best we avoid it as we don't know if they are infected as well or not. They may not be affected but it is still for the better to avoid them as well. Okay? And it has come down to Vietnam where they have H5N1 already. Soon and every soon each and every poulrty is out of business. And we don't have anymore meat to eat. No more protein from chickens or ducks but maybe from other animals.

However, I would suggest to turn into a vegetarian or become one. As I assume that soon everything or any animal would be harmful to us already. And I also heard that H3N2 is around. Or something like that. Just becareful out there okay? Stay healthy and be aware of what you consume.

The best food we can eat now is organic food or anything that is vegetarians. Because it is the best option we have now and the best choice we have. Stay healthy people!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pray for Boston

My dear people who are out there. Please let us pray for Boston which is in trouble now. It is being traumatized by all the bombing. I am not asking for your sympathy for the people who lost their loved ones or the people they know.

But I ask of you to please just be so kind to pray for them. If you are christians, please pray for their souls to be in peace with God in heaven. If you are Muslim, please pray for they are resting well. If you are Budhist, please pray for their souls to rest well. If you are Hindu's please pray to your Gods for them. And if you are a free thinker, I am not sure what to do but just let's wish that they are all safe shall we?

What this world is lacking now is love. We are all lacking love and facing fear. Let's send out our love to Boston and to their loved ones. Let's hope that the lost is found, afraid is safe, loved are together, souls in peace and many more.

This is something that we should be careful now as well. Boston, if you are hearing this, I wish you be safe near your loved ones and be safe. If you have lost, you have my condolences. If you have lost someone, I couldn't do anything better but wish for you to find your loved ones as soon as possible.

Boston, my only words that I can provide you now is stay strong. I know you can get through this. I know it feels like 9/11. But this can't be blamed as the attackers are also having fear as well. They are afraid so they strike. They also need some love in them otherwise this won't be happening as well.



Saturday, 13 April 2013

13th April

Today or shall I say this week is the not a very pleasent week for me. I felt things that I shouldn't be feeling. I am broken once again for reasons that aren't reasonable enough to explain why. I should have seen it coming. 'It' was warning me already... 'It' was already telling me not to come yet I forced myself to go. 'It' warned me not to go. Yet, I went. 'It' already made me feel uncomforatble inside. Warning me not to go because something is about to happened but I just have to go...

It is my friend's birthday today. Turn out to be a rough day for him. I knew that something is about to happen. And it was a bad thing. Not something that we all wanted. But I just ignored it. Thinking that it was just me. Thinking that it is going to be fine. I just had to be that rebelious. I just had to. Because I just want to hang out with my friends but in the end it ended up badly.

This is my punishment. This is what it has done to me. Now 'it' is lecturing me. Telling me that it told me so but I didn't listen to 'it'. Why? Am I just too selfish? Do I just have to make things go bad then I am satisfied? I am selfish am I? Knowing that something bad is about to happen and I just went on with it. Why do I just have to be selfish?


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Giving back to the world

Have you ever raised the question about how do you give back to the world?

Have you ever asked if you have given back to the world?

Have you ever think about how you can contribute back to the world that you have taken so much from?

Does these questions ever cross your mind before? I am sure it never did right? Well, maybe it did to some of you but not all. Right? Well, if it never did, then you have to start thinking about it already. If you already did, then you should start think about it already. Why you ask? Because it is about time we think about the world already.

Doesn't it concerns you if the world is going through climate change right now?

Doesn't it concerns you if the world is facing all sorts of global warming problems?

Doesn't it comes to make you think otherwise about what we are doing to the world already? If you haven't start thinking about it. IF yolu already have, then start making a difference. If you already started making a differencve, then is it working? Are you practicing your work?

Think about it. It's time you think about something already. Something that has to do with you and the world. Not judging whether you have done enough or anything. Just pure thinking about what you can do...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Margret Thatcher: The Iron Lady

Margret Thatcher is a great and strong lady. Should be remembered and will always be remembered for she has made a huge impact to the world. She has went to join the angels up above in heaven now. She not only made a huge impact to the world, infact she also influenced lots of people and generations.

She was a British politician who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and the Leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and is the only woman to have held the office.She became the first woman to lead a major political party in the United Kingdom. She became Prime Minister after winning the 1979 general election.

Her biology is all over the news and on the it can also be found on the google search or any search engines that you use. If I have time I would write a whole biology of her on my blog post but then I don't have much time tonight. Since I have homeworks to do. So I guess I will jsut have to update about her as soon as I have found and research enough about her then I will post it up for you guys?

Alright that's all for the news updates from me. Have a great day and a good evening. Here I am signing off as Mabel Ngu. See you guys next time.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Never had an enemy = never really lived

"If you never had an enemy, it means that you have never really lived your life." -Anonymous

That was something that I've heard from somewhere and I forgot whom was it who said it so I placed that person "Anonymous" so that I don't get the wrong person.

Well, just because someone doesn't have any enemies doesn't mean that they never lived their life before... But it just means that they are a peacemaker or something. Either that or they probably have already lived their life and gone through the circumstances to make people not hate them. Not saying that they please them or anything. But they just have that charm to make everyone not hate them at all.

People like... me! I don't have any enemies. Even though I sometimes think I do, but it just so happened in a way that no one hates me at all. Why? Because I have a way to make people not hate me. How? Not to hate others in the first place. If you hate another, then surely you would show up as hate. Then, this will just make another person to hate you. Get the meaning of starting the fire and it will come right back to you? That is how it works as well.

Yeah, I know. You are probably saying something in front of the computer right now as you are reading. Or you may not. Just assuming.... But then, you don't know what had that person gone through. So you can't say that they don't have a life just because they don't have enemies. They just somehow made friends with their own enemies.

Have peace man. Isn't the war outside great enough for you already? Or the drama of the world entertaining for you? Why bother making people hating you when you just wanna live your life? Guess I will never understand that concept. But then, here we go. The drama starts to kick in.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The fours

Surprise, surprise. It is the 4th of April and it is 4am from where I am at least... Plus. never mind about the time it is 4th April 2013 ... and it is Thursday. So we can just rule out the 2013 and replace it with Thursday. SO it is 4day of the week, 4th day of the 4th month of the year!! Amazing huh? Get it now?! Or my sense of humour just seems to fail in a way.. But never mind. Sooner or later you will understand. IF only it is next year that we have the same situation then it would be so much better.

However, it is a sad thing to inform you guys that we can't have that... Why? Well.. thanks to how the calendar works, or the world goes around the sun... we have 28 days in Feb next year... And it isn't a leap year so we can't have that.. Meh... Oh well. At least we have it this year, and I just happened to notice it so yeah.. YAY!!!

Come on. Be merry alright? Or you are already? haha. Gotta have a laugh for a day or a while.. Keeps the wrinkles out of the way!! AND EEEEXXXXXTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD your life as well. It is good to have a laugh you know? Good things are always the cheapest sometimes. Well.. not all materail things can make you live longer as well.. So keep laughing. Cause I will be watching you...

*P.S. I am just messing with your head.. It's alright to think that I am freaky or weird now. Cause hey, how long have you been reading this blog? Once? Twice? Well you better get your butt tight on your chair cause if you are reading this you might as well read the rest. It's gonnnnnaaaa beeee bummmmpyyyyyy!!!!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Day

Hey guys, guess what? It's Easter Monday as well. Lol.. I didn't realize it at all at some point until in the morning i got a text message telling me that it is Easter Day. SO Happy Easter to those who celebrates Easter Day. Enjoy your chocolatey easter egg hunt. Just don't get mushed up with the real eggs and the chocolate eggs otherwise you might end up buying eggs in the supermarket rather than joining in the egg hunt for chocolates... If you get what I mean.. I suppose you don't. But never mind. That's kinda like an inside joke only me and some people would know. Lol..

For Christians, Happy Resurrection Day. If I am not wrong becasuse Friday was Good Friday so today must be Ressurection Day right? Please forgive me if I got it wrong because I only remember that Jesus died on the cross on a Friday and he woke up on a Monday. Somewhere in the Bible it says so.... Or I am wrong again? Ah, well. But at least in my mind Bible it says so... Hehe.. :P sorry to mess it up for you people. And I mean no disrespct though. But still happy ressurection day to all of you. And if it isn't then I guess, I need to check with my calendar again. Something wrong with it... *blush*... Anyways, either ways. God Bless You All!!

And for the rest of the world... What can I say to you? Let's see... Oh yeah. It's Monday. Which is a monday blue day or a moanday and you moan when you say your moarning...? But still Cheer up, kay? It's a new month. And a new day. It meanst a new start of life chapter. Let go of the past. Let bygones be bygones and may it never make you regret. For it is your choice that leads you to who you are today and what you are becoming to in the future.

Students, some of us are luck enough to have an "off"day shall we say from school eh? Hehe.. So what did you do today? Prank your friends that there is school today and then they turn up at school when everyone is not there? Let them think that they are early for school today or something eh? Hey, come on.. It's April Fool day.. What can you lose? It's just for fun. But don't do it too much a'ight? Don't get yourself into trouble now.


On Aprils, the first thing I could think of is the April fool's Day. I always wonder how did it exist in the first place? When did it start? Who started it and why on the 1st of April. Maybe I should look it up or something.. you know? But then, I think again. Nah.. It's just a tradition or something. But why do we celebrate it in the first place? No one knows. Why? Because that will be like asking why do we celebrate Valentine's Day and why it has to be on Feburary 14th.

It really does makes me curious some times when I think of it though. Well, maybe it is just a day for everyone to chill out and relax to have some fun or something you know? Like make a prank on someone. Although I don't know how it works but I do know of a message that a boyfriend could send to a girlfriend on a April fool's day. That is if he wants something special for his girl... he could send her this.

B:Uh, babe. We are not working anymore. Let's break up.
G: What? What do you mean?
B: It's not you. It's just that I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore.
G: But...why?
B: It's April fool. And I'd be the fool not to marry you.

Yeap. That's for a for a proposal. I know it is kinda ... uh.... haha you know what I mean. Oh well. I do have a prank for a guy to a girl as well.

B: Hey, (girl's name). Are you busy now? Cause I want to talk to you about something.
G: Hi. Umm.. Sure? (Or anything that the girl says. Just make sure that she is not doing anything so she can hear what you are going to say.)
B: I... umm... Do you want to be my girlfriend?
G: (She replies whatever it is. If it is yes, continue. If no, then just walk away.)
B: Really? Cool. Oh, I forgot one thing. April fool. (Then walk away)

Yyyyeeeaaaaa...... that might kinda work but it might piss her off as well. So if you are really going for that.. I suggest you get ready for something a'ight? Haha.. Oh, by the way she might say something like "Yes. Oh and April fool" So you gotta be faster than her otherwise you are the fool!! See ya guys now. Ciao  (^.^)v