Friday, 27 April 2012

I am going to a speech competition!

Hey guys. How are all of you out there? I am great here.. He he. I wish that all of you are fine out there too. All the best to wherever you are. Whatever state you are in and however you all are. I am sure that I told you guys about the debating competition I been last year didn't I? Well, I did last year and this year too. This year no one went but me from my school. Everyone complains that it is on a Saturday. And the teacher who is supposed to bring us there doesn't have the time to bring us there. However I still went because of my burning passion in debating. I could feel my confindence and enthusiasim build at once when I heard the word 'debate' itself.

Well, next week I am going to a speaking comepetition. It is going to be held outside of school of course but with other schools. I have a friend who is a first-runner up in toast-mastering going with me.  I am sure that I can nail the place down! HE HE. MUAHAHAHA!!! *ze-wicked-smile plastered on my face*

Wish me luck guys. I am going to win this for you guys. IF not, at least I get a position for you all out there. I can do this. GO MABEL!!! *fist pump* Love yall!!!

Don't, I don't, But, Because, and It is

Don't ever leave me hanging,
Don't ever make me waiting,
Don't ever make me worry,
Don't ever cause the crying.

I don't want to be left alone,
I don't want to waiting for things that will never happen,
I don't want to worry so much till my frown shows,
I don't want to be the one crying.

But for you I am willing to be alone
But for you I am willing to wait,
But for you I am willing to worry
But for you I am willing to cry.

Because you are different from the others
Because you are special to me
Because you are the only person I have,
Because you are worth it.

It is all over now,
It is not going to happen again,
It is not repeating itself,
It is never another you anymore.

And this is going to end,
Right here,
Right now.
Good bye

I admit

I admit I done my best
To try to impress you
I know I’m not worth it
I am nothing compared to you

I admit I lied to you
But that wasn’t what I intended to do
All I wanted to do
Was show you what I am capable of

I admit I’m not a good joker
Instead I’m a loner
Could I just see you smile
One minute or a while

I admit I want to make you proud
But it turned out to be other way around
I have done what I could do
Still I’m not good enough for you

I admit I did stupid things
I know that it sounds silly to you
But that was the only way
To get you laughing out loud.

I admit I am not like you
Because I am never you
And I can never be another you
I guess I just can't be the one for you

Because of you

Because of you
My heart is broken
Smashed into billions of pieces
And it cannot be fixed anymore

Becasue of you
I am a fallen
A single working things out.
Listening to pitiness around me

Because of you
I learnt to be angry, depressed and sad.
I become someone I don't know anymore
I am no longer who I am

Because of you
I now know how to move on
I am stronger
I am not as firgile as you left me

Because of you
I fought for love
I stand my rights
Held what was mine

Because of you
I am a new me
People respect me
People love me

And now you are crawling back
Wishing that you can have one more chance
Hoping that I will forgive you
And forget the scars you made on my heart

But guess what?
I am not the same person anymore
I may love you but it is loved now
The only reason I see you every now and then is because you are in my way or stalking me

I'll just leave you...

I am sorry if I make you sad,
I am sorry if I make you mad.
I am sorry if I break your heart,
I am sorry if I make it apart.

I didn't meant for it all to happen,
Not even from the start,
I wish you will forgive me,
But things cannot go back to the start.

I don't want to hurt you at all,
Hurting you is the last thing to do,
I don't want to make you sad,
Because seeing you sad just makes me feel guilty.

I blame myself even though it isn't my fault,
I don't want you to be mad because of something I said.
I am sorry can we restart?
It is ok if you don't want to.

I send you messages that you never reply.
I guess it is because you are still mad at me.
Of what I said,
Of what I did.

I am sorry for bringing so much trouble to you,
I promise I won't be of any trouble to you anymore.
I guess I will just leave you alone then.
That way you can have your peace.

I never thought that you would be mad,
When I told you about that.
I won't do it again,
Because there won't be another next time.

As promised I won't find you again,
As promised you can feel peace and calm.
I guess I don't understand you much at all.
What kind of person am I then.

As promised you don't have to worry about me,
As promised you can feel free.
Without me in your hair,
Without me in your life.