Sunday, 28 July 2013


苦? 你懂何苦啊?有生活过在苦中吗?












Saturday, 27 July 2013


When I'm alone,
I reminisce
Back to the days.

The days when
I feel very
Perspicacious about my work.

The days when
I was

The times when
I desecrate
My own family.

The times when
I am
Fallacious to people.

The moments when
I disappointed
The people wjo cared for me.

The moments when
I feel so
Minuscule to everyone.

The seconds when
I felt

The seconds when
I embarass
everyone I love

To the readers,
Who read this may
Think this is a
Dichotomy of who I am.

My impression
Is an

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Realize it...

Sky is blue,
Grass is green,
Not everything is simple,
As it seems.

Life can be complicated.
You have to strive,
To achieve
Your goal in life.

Nothing is impossible.
It's all your thought.
Don't give up on hope,
Because there's always a choice

Relationships sometimes last.
Sometimes there's an end.
True friends will last.
Being with you till the very end.

Happiness, we plus.
Sadness, we minus.
Love, we multiply.
Hate, we divide.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Spend or Invest?

Have you ever wonder to yourself if you are spending your money or investing on it?

Spending in the definition of wasting it for certain things that you don't really need.

Investing not only the outside and have to wait for the invest to work, but invest in ourselves and eventually it helps in our goal in life.

When investing, we are actually expanding the values that we have. We have to invest with a goal. An intention in that goal.

But we have to be clear on what we are expanding or investing. If it is the right thing, you get the resultt of satisfaction. If it is thw wrong thing  you end up asking yourself why did this happen or why did i invest on this.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Money; want or need?

What does moneey means to you?

Personally, I think that money is just a piece of paper that brings value, importance, a need in life, allows me to help others I care for and something we use to trade with a material.

Most of the time, we think that we need money so we can have enough to provide. The problem is, there is no enough because you'll be searching and wanting for more to feed your greed and ego self.

Money is also an icon that are man-made and will never leave with us as we enter our coffin. It just remains.

And the truth about money is that we don't own it. Even if you have i under your name, bank account, property, whatever you call it. It is still not yours cause when you die it is someone else's already.

Money is a flow of energy in life. If we keep holding unto money, it will stop flowing. Why? Simple, the theory of a full cup can never be filled with water again when it is full. You have to drink it up to fill it again with water.

We have to learn to use money in a proper form so it will come back to us again. Don't fear it, or afraid of losing it. It has feelings too. You fear or afraid of it, it will be afraid of you too...

I know that it sounds crazy to tell you it has feelings too. But try and love money unconditionally. As in, love it when it is there or even if it is not there.

Just try it, you'll see the difference. And don't be afraid of losing it. When you want it and have a good intention for wanting it, it will be there. Just believe in that.

Saturday, 13 July 2013


I was just listening to my music on my computer and singing those songs to myself but what I didn't know was that the song was a remix. Then I remembered that I got these songs from a friend of mine. What surprised me is that those songs are actually nice in the remix version as well. I decided to keep quiet and listen to the new remix version. 

That hit me completely, in a sense that we all have to be spontaneously flexible once in a while with life. We can't have our life all planned, which I just learnt today, because we don't know the future. Even if we plan everything, it may go our way for a few while, but then there is always something that makes your plan to go sideways or off the track because you don't know what might be in the future. 

You can plan for the major things in life, but you can't plan for everything in detail. As in, you can't plan for tomorrow and have everything in time with a schedule because you can't always be sure that the weather might not interfere with your schedule. 

You just have to expect something to happen sometimes because the most unexpected thing might happen and become the best thing that ever happen to you in your life. But there are things that might bring the worst out of you. Which is why we all have to be flexible and go with what life has planned for us. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sympathy for the illegitimate born idiosyncrasy child

People feel sympathy for
the boy who
never saw his parents.

They think that he';s
never going to be
normal like the other children.

They pin-point at him,
isolate him,
stay away from him like a disease.

But I don't.

I have empathy
for that boy 'cause
he's unique.

I heard his side
and learn't he's
an illegitimate child.

His parents abandoned him
as a baby with
the foster care.

Yet he is idiosyncrasy.

Because of what he experienced
or gone through in his life
made him this special.

And he
inspired me
to live life and love my parents more.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Live like we're dying

Has anyone of you heard of the song "Live like we're dying by Kris Allen"? I am sure some of you have. It is an old song actually. I was listening to it just now and I thought about the song itself.

People say to live like we are dying then you will know how to live life the proper way or something like that. Actually we don't have to live like that. We can live like we are living and appreciate things in our lives. The whole concept of living like we are dying is actually just another way of saying that we have to be grateful for everything that we have now.

The way they call it, live like we're dying, actually sounds rather depressing on my opinion. Why not we just use words like appreciate the life we have now while we live it? Wouldn't it be better? Why can't we rephrase that word?

Why do we as human beings like to use such words to make our sentences?

Wouldn't using a more lightening words better?

Doesn't it sounds better?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


What do you mostly think about when you are in doubt, let say in a relationship?

When you have doubt it means that you are not trusting enough to your partner (in any relationship you are in). Why are you not trusting? Why don't you trust the other?

Have we all forgotten the rules of a relationship? It all started with trust. You trust that your partner will love you back, treat you nice, stay loyal to you, be faithful to you.

The other reason that you may not trust your partner enough could be that you don't have enough trust in yourself. Think about it. They say that 'To love, you have to be love'. So I am rephrasing it with trust this way. "To trust another, learn to trust yourself."

I know that the generation that we live in now is hard to be trusting to another. Especially in a partnership relationship of any kind. Marriage, boy/girlfriend or even friendship. It is hard to trust now because the generation of our people have changed.

Not everyone can let themselves out to the whole world without feeling that they are being judged by another. Because everyone has a reputation to keep. That will be another story another post. But why can't you be trust so others can learn to trust you first?

Change starts with us, ourselves, not others. If you try to force someone to change, you will just end up getting g a headache and stress. So exclude the stress and let them learn to change by seeing the change in you first.