Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I am doing drawing requests


I am doing drawing requests from anyone and anywhere and anytime. Lol.

I am doing drawing requests to practice my drawing and maybe one day I can be a freelancer when I am a pro in this field. Drawing is my hobby so why not earn something from it right?


I only, and only, do black and white drawings. As you already can see from my other drawings they are black and white. Maybe I will put some here of my recent ones so you can have another think about requesting for a drawing.

My goal for drawing is to make people feel like they are part of the art world and I want to make people think they can feel the art literally. Like it is so real it does not require imaginations to admire the art. I don't want people to feel the barrier between the art world and the human world. I want people to feel a part of it, you see?

So, contact me  me if you wish to request for a drawing.