Monday, 1 September 2014

When I die

When I die, don't bury me in the ground.
For after some time, 
you would be talking to 
bones and an empty casket. 
That would be very saddening and boring 
At the same time. So don't.

When I die, don't cremate me. 
Because you would be talking 
to an urn with white powder 
of what I once was. So don't.

When I die, don't let me flow into the rivers. 
It would smell very bad. 
don't want that to happen 
to the river. So don't. 

When I die, don't preserve my body. 
It would only be a container of 
what once contained my soul. 
Not me.So don't.

When I die, and since u don't know
what to do with me. 
Celebrate my life. 
Remember my name.
Cherish our times.
Bury me nowhere but in your heart.
Because that's where I belong.